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Period still bleeding 9days and counting

i haven't had a period in 8years when I did have them when I was a teen they was horrendous ..heavy bleeding with clots and pain like no other ..they then just stopped and I never queried this as I was thankful if I'm honest ! I am now 32 and last year I started getting discharge so I went to the go ..they sent me to a gyno and had a transvaginal scan ..also my testestrone is more higher then it should be ..they also are sure I have PCOS as I have other symptoms ..well cut a long story short I am over weight and have lost 4stone so far ! And for the last two months my periods have come back regular ..(Novembers was mainly brown discharge and jelly like mucus but decembers has been thick dark blood then light and clots and I'm still bleeding from the 24th Dec ..it has calmed down now and only is apparent when I go for a wee ..is this just my body shedding all the old blood as I was told my womb is thicker then it should be. I was thinking of asking the doctor for the mirena coil to stop the bleeding all together as the pain is unbearable I spent the last 7 days sitting with an hot water bottle no taking naproxen which done nothing ! If I'm honest I don't cope very well with periods and the pain is awful also the bleeding ..please any advice .

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