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ESA Assessment

I had my ESA stopped because I could walk across to the room and sit in a chair for 20 minutes... I have endometriosis, anxiety and gut issues. I have an upcoming operation in February to have endo removed from my bowel which could result in me having a colostomy bag, how am I expected to work when I have that coming up I even showed them my letter for my op and all my other hospital letters, medication I have and was extremtly graphic I was also knocked back from PIP in the summer. The woman who assessed me even said to send them my letter for my operation when I get it as I won't be able to work and will be entitled to ESA.. Yet I've been knocked back! They aren't arsed it doesn't matter what you tell them if you can attend the assessment then you've already lost. I'm going to appeal but I really cannot be bothered as I am so sick of being made to feel like I am a liar, I've been dealing with this since I was 15 I'm now 23 and I'm just so fed up. I want to be able to work and have a normal life but right now I physically and mentally cannot!

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IT is ridiculous you have to fight for everything! We don't always have it in us to fight all the time.

I didn't get awarded pip either frustrating when there are people that want to be Independant but are seriously ill get nothing. People who play the system get everything.

Don't let it get you down, get back to them on the phone.

Keep that sword and shield high up xx


Sorry your having this fight. I am too. I was advised that unless you appeal you won't get either esa or pip. And you will probably need to go to court but people have been successful at that point. I'm awaiting my hearing date as I've been trying to claim pip since May and am at the appeal stage.

Hard as it is keep fighting.


I will do I have written out my letter for appeal hopefully I will get somewhere just so sick of it all but I will keep fighting. Hope you are successful!


Try to appeal get citizens advice bureau to help. It's something like 80% win on appeal so worth doing. X


Thanks I will do :) X


I had mine stopped too


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