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Tomorrow I have my ESA assessment. It's my first time claiming. I am claiming because I suffer from Endometriosis symptoms (undiagnosed as of yet) I have depression and anxiety.

Thanks to my anxiety, I am so scared. I have photocopied the form I filled in, because my mind goes blank when I'm worrying, and I knew this would happen. I can't remember things about my symptoms, because my mind feels like it's in a rush. So I know I should probably read through the form. But part of me wants to try and forget about it to allow myself relax. But if I do that, I fear I will be unprepared tomorrow and not be able to answer questions due to forgetting everything.

I feel really panicked. I would appreciate any reassurance.


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Hi Jess , you'll be fine. Just explain to them that you are very anxious and that this causes you to forget or stumble on things. If you feel panicky just take a deep breath , pause(for as long as you need to) and start again. They are human too and are not perfect. Just remember to take your time. I'll be thinking of you. Good luck sweaty . Let me know how it goes.

Thanks. I hate doing stuff like this. Along with other social/public phobias, it's one of my worst fears. I feel like they're going to be judging me, or trying to catch me out to see if I'm lying. I'm scared that I'll say something that goes against what I put on my form. Then I'll have to explain what I really mean. I am unable to think rationally when I'm like this. I'm scared that I'll get overwhelmed and cry or have a panic attack.

I'm taking my mum in with me. So she'll probably do half of the talking. But I know I will really struggle tomorrow. When my mind goes blank, I freeze up and become unable to concentrate and think straight.

I guess me being like that will allow them to see how bad the anxiety is. But the feeling I get is of true fear. And it's terrifying.

Thank you. I will let you know.

I did it. Such a relief that I've got it over and done with. I was so scared. I was tense and quiet through the whole assessment because I was scared of what she might ask next. The woman was really nice and understanding, which helped. But I couldn't wait to get out of there and relax at home. I was as honest as I could be, and my mum helped a lot with answering questions that I was struggling with. It wasn't a nice experience and I don't want to be doing something like that again any time soon, but I'm pleased with myself that I did it. And so glad it's over.

Well done sweetie. Hope you're ok. 

Thank you :) I'm just happy that I've done it. And I'm glad it didn't go badly.

They will ask you question to which you can only say yes or no. Try to remember that you must always answer with what it is like on a really bad day. Ie can you make a sandwich no as you forget what you are doing, your mind goes blank or no as you are too ill to get out of bed.  They have it harder to get esa score higher points for mental problems such as being unable to complete tasks or go somewhere unfamiliar. Going blank at the interview may work in your favour. Can you take someone with you? Good luck

Read my comment above ^ :)

But thank you anyway. I was quiet and have to look to my mum a lot. But I did the best I could. I was just trying to get through it without it being too traumatic.

I thought it was just me!  The struggle is real. 

I'm the same, I'm always forgetting things, even while I'm out with hubby or kids I stop walking and start panicking and can't remember where I'm going. It really freaks my kids out, but they are getting used to me stopping suddenly. 

I tried cooking dinner yesterday and I burnt the rice as I forget it was on the hob as I went to sit down as I was tired and couldn't stand as my pains were getting bad.


I had my esa assesment. I too have symptoms of endo and am awaiting a laparoscopy. A week after my assessment they sent me a letter saying i was fit to work. I went on a bit of a downward spiral for a couple of weeks after that. The whole proccess is totally humane. I got zero points. Despite being in constant pain, having trouble sleeping, being on mild anti-depressants, have back pain and  all the rest of it. Anyway if you are declared fit to work don't panic. The thing you have to do is appeal. I've appealed against mine and have a tribunal on May 9th. When you are appealing you can get ESA which takes the pressure off a bit. I've probably been waiting for the appeal tribunal for about 2 1/2 months.  Anyway if you are declared fit to work don't panic or worry about it too much, just make sure you appeal. The way the government has treated the sick and disabled in this country makes me so angry. I'm almost looking forward to the appeal tribual as I'm going to give them hell. They won't know whats hit them. 

Good luck with the tribunal. I hope things work out :)

Good luck Larrie7 give them hell from all of us😀

Let us know how it goes. Fingers crossed they listen to you.


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