Having had my ESA stopped after being found 100% fit, (they phoned me to inform me and were "miffed" I didnt answer, I was an inpatient in hospital at the time lol). I signed up for jsa, struggled to get to sign on, when I went to the CAB they told me that as soon as they stop your ESA, you can put a new claim in especially if your condition has worsened, my medical? was last july and I am still waiting for my appeal hearing. As others have said on here definitely go to the CAB for help in filling out the forms ass answers you would give normally WILL be used against you, they are a great help.

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  • Hello cafcse7 this has happened to me. Not long before Christmas I have had to go back onto JSA. Hate it and have to attend a work programme. However, I have conditions that have worsened and letters to prove of ongoing Consultancies at Hospital etc. I will be reapplying, as I was very upset that they found me the same as yourself 100% fit for work. To long to list what is wrong for me but I have read that they have cut people up to 50% on ESA. You feel cheated, especially when it is a genuine claim. Thank the government for that. I also think that they are making financial cuts and they just want their figures to look good, lacking in utmost compassion for those that are genuine in their claims. Good luck!

  • I am led to believe atos (french company?) gets a bonus for everyone they find fit for work, therefore goes without saying they find most people fit, and a lot of people dont bother to appeal, therefore a result for the government. Definitely contact the CAB for advice, even for filling in easy looking forms as there is a certain way to fill them out otherwise they use it against you.

  • Yes I am about to apply again for ESA and I think that I may go to the CAB for advise.

  • I would really emphasize the need to go to the CAB, when I was getting help with a form from them, the lady asked me one of the questions and said how would you answer, I replied and she then pointed out that my answer would have cost me points, and given them some, her answer was sort of basically the same but put in a much better way. Really it is a con letter they dont care if you are fit or not and they just try to close down your claim. Sorry rant over lol. Ian x

  • I agree with you cafcse7 I will do that next time. Just to point out I have researched and one of their sections 35 that if you are a danger to yourself or others you will get it (in the work scenario), I will leave that to your imagination.

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