Advice on pain please 🙏

Hello all. I was just wondering if anyone has the same symptoms of pain coming and going. The whole of last week and week before I was doubled over in pain barely able to walk and legs groin and back were killing me, I actually felt like I needed a wheelchair !! yet today I seem fine apart from that constant dull ache in my stomach? Does this usually happen at certain times of your cycle or does it not really matter when you are hit with pain? I had my period 2 weeks ago.

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  • Hi Lanny! I also get this pain 😩it generally begins in my pelvis and causes leg, back and lower abdominal pain! It's awful ... I feel for you! I tend to write my day off when this happens and start again the next day. This generally happens during ovulation for me, so as you say you had a period two weeks ago. It might be possible it's the same time for you? I hope you're feeling better. Xx

  • Hi! Thank you for your reply! Do you also have endometriosis or have you had anything else diagnosed? I have a lot more pain days than good days which is so frustrating. I hate this. Thank you and I hope you are getting there too ☺️x

  • I do, I have stage 3 endometriosis. And I also had a lot of pain days. I generally had a week mainly after my period had ended where I felt somewhat functional! Then went down hill again from there. Even pains in my shoulders and neck were all due to endometriosis which I wasn't aware of until I did some research! It is sooo frustrating and has a huge effect on quality of life. I've recently been prescribed norethisterone as a long term treatment which appears to be helping slightly. I still get pain but it's not as detrimental to my functioning as before! Have you tried this? I've heard it works for some whilst does nothing for others. Keep on going Hun, there's light at the end of the tunnel xx

  • Yeah. I can empathise completely with you! I'll maybe only have about 5 days as well out of the whole month where I feel 'ok' I see my gynaecologist today so hoping I get somewhere. Thank you I don't know what I would do without this site and the support from people like yourself . I can't give up tho! Need to keep going!x

  • Oooh goood luck today! I've learnt to be assertive with doctors as you know your body and what you're feeling better than they do, however they can make you feel otherwise sometimes. 👍🏻I've literally only just joined the site and i'm already finding it rewarding! Stay strong that's it 💪🏼 were women after all! 😉 xx

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