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Hi I’ve been on prostap twice now and each time my pain hasn't gone away. I went to see my specialist a few weeks ago and his basically called me a liar!! He said it's all in my head and that prostap should have taken the pain away and has told me to go on anti-depressants and see how I feel after? Has anyone else experienced the same or worse pain whilst on or since the prostap PLEASE HELP I’m so down and thinking my body is just buggered up :-(

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Hi Annie

I have just finished a course of 6 prostap injections and found they made no difference...just ended up dealing with lots of side effects in addition to the already excruciating pain.

Your specialist does not sound very compassionate, but be strong and be persistent...failing that ask your GP to refer you to another specialist...one with an interest in endometriosis.

You shouldn't have to suffer...we shouldn't have to suffer.



Hi Annie, i am on these injections, and yes i have had bad pain throughout.But i have not had any periods, which is the only good thing. My gynae assistant who i saw 2 months ago said i shouldnt be having any pain...You can imagine how i felt, i left upset, i am now seeing my proper gynae on the 20th, lets see what he says. Im due my 5th jab next week. Good luck. xxx


I had my 1st jab in September, lasts 3 months, and have since had another one. After my 1st jab i was still in pain for a couple of weeks then it gradually went. Pains started coming back as the jab was wearing off and still have very slight pains now.

Because it's an unseen pain and not many people know how it affects us, they just assume it's all in our heads and to be honest, it really p***es me off! xx


Hi Annie - I've also had terrible pains whilst on this - worse than it was before. It stopped my periods, but I had horrific mood swings and constant, awful pain. I refused the third injection, but am still waiting for my period to return. I don't think this treatment is for everyone - I hope you feel better soon xx

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Yeah im in agony with this injection..first & last time. I already have a musculoskeletal condition and this has made it 10 times worse..I wish I never got it honestly. I can hardly walk..its not worth that. Ive had to stop work..my daughters are cooking my meals and doing the shopping.. I hope it wears off soon.

hope you feel better real soon too xx


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