Endometriosis on the ureter?

I had a laparoscopy on Monday where a 10cm cyst was removed from my ovary which involved some endometrioma cysts. The doctor told me, although it is not on my discharge letter, that there was endometriosis on my ureter which would be too risky to remove and apparently the ureter was difficult to see because of the endometriosis. I didn't ask any questions at the time as was not really with it but am a bit unsure of the implications of this. Has anyone had a similar diagnosis?

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  • have they given you a followup appointment? They have not told me at all where my endo was found.. I had mine on monday too.. I have to wait till april to find out what they found :(

  • I'm not sure I have any appointment, was going to call the consultants secretary to find out. How are you recovering from your lap?

  • i need more pain medication.. I was only given a weeks worth and now I am in pain... about to take it so hope things will improve tomorrow x

  • hope you feel better soon. Rest up and take it easy x

  • Hi Rufio,

    I have had endometriosis on the ureter, which I had removed. It was quite a risky operation and didn't achieve the results I had hoped but I also had quite bad bladder endo and have had some very unusual complications from this (after several different bladder operations). I can understand why they might say this - it would be worth asking if they have checked your kidney to see if it is still ok (please don't be worried by this, my kidney was fine but they do a scan to check that the ureter is not getting blocked by endo and causing the kidney any damage). Endo on the ureter is quite rare although I have met a couple of other ladies who had it. Good luck with your recovery and if you have any further questions, please do ask away.

  • Thanks for your reply, I'm sorry to hear of all the complications you've had. It is of some reassurance to hear of other people with similar conditions. I think I'm gonna see if I have any follow up so I can ask a bit more about what they found and what might happen. I'm not on any treatment now as the next step is to try and get pregnant, whether or not it will happen is another matter! So it can all be a bit scary!

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