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Hello ladies,

I'm due to start zoladex injection next week. I've been told it has to be injected in to the stomach.

Have any of you ladies had any bad experiences with this injection.

I was previously on prostrap but my body rejected it. Every month I had a period. Neither gyne or the specialist could understand how my body had done it.

Please if any of you have any info or your bad experience on zoladex. Please help me.

Thank you 😀

Sam 🌷

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I've had courses of Prostap before which have worked well for me but no Zoladex. That's very surprising that your periods continued with Prostap, mine stopped both times after the first month. I hope Zoladex will be better for you. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 xxx


Iv just had my 2nd zoladex injection yesterday, I still had a period last month and now I am bleeding (not period time)

My moods are horrendous I'm emotional, I have bad stomach pains for a few days after the injections a and I have a headache everyday.

I have read some success stories with it unfortunately I am having a bad experience.

Hope yours goes well x

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I've had three months of Zoladex where I had insomnia, mood swings, hot flushes, appetite change, joint pain and fatigue. I had a massive bruise with the first injection in my stomach.I had no bleeding. Unfortunately it didn't help endo so having another operation. It's been almost a month off zoladex and still feel rubbish


Hi there, I have had 3 months of zoladex injections now. It is an implant which is injected into the fatty part of your stomach, it has helped my endo pains (I had severe cramps before) but not going to lie to you,the side effects can be bad too. I have had bad skin, hot flushes and joint pains. The hot flushes I find are the worst as I'm at work in a meeting and then all of a sudden I go beetroot red and start sweating and feeling dizzy! Zoladex does work differently for people, you may find it doesn't impact you as much, or at all... good luck xx


I'm happy and hopeful so far after my 3-month Zoladex injection. 7 weeks in, and have had about 2 weeks of hot flushes (aka quick private holidays to the tropics!) I hadn't had any endo pain until feeling a slight bit yesterday, but perhaps my ovaries are about to 'wake up' early...who knows. The reality for you will hopefully be far easier than the anticipation.


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