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Is this pain from my endo or nope?

Hello :)

I find it so difficult to relate to people who describe their endo pains. So I'm hoping someone will read this and be like 'chill G, that's normal.' Unless it isn't.. In which case maybe endo isn't the cause of this pain? IT IS SO CONFUSING! FYI I was diagnosed by lap in Nov this year.

My daily pain is hard to describe; it starts almost like a prickling, pinching sensation in my lower abdomen, and depending on the day, it can stay pretty mild or turn into a horrible burning pain which radiates to my lower back and stays there until the next day. I feel sooo bloated, but weirdly lying down on my side can make it more bearable. I find that it gets worse after eating, sometimes immediately after. I don't have endo on my bowels. I don't eat gluten, diary or refined sugar.

My only crack pot theory is that because I'm on Amitriptyline 50mg for my interstitial cystitis, my nerves are kinda numbed... Making the pain feel stranger than just plain ol' horrific cramps (which I do get during my period). But that does kind sound of silly.

What do you think?

Thanks girlies, hope you're having a good day x

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I get pain that's all the time and it feels discusting, it feels like a aerated knife taht thought it was a violin bow and it's playing my abdomen.

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