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Do i need to lose weight for my pre op?!

Help!! So i was told my lap would be a four month waiting list and i wouldnt likely be seen before xmas...well its booked for the 16th of dec, which im very grateful for.

However, i had a terrible month last month with pain and i have gone over my bmi. I am a comfort eater.

My doc did say i had to be under 30 bmi for my next appointment, otherwise i get kicked back to my gp. (Lovely, thanks, not) but do i need to be under that for my pre op assessment on fri? If so how am i going to do that in 2 days!??? Im shitting myself. Ive waitied for 2 years for this. And i yo yo and find losing weight difficult.

Help!? X

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That sounds really stressful! From what I know, most pre-ops involve a weigh in or at least a confirmation of your weight (ie confirm it's the same as the last time you were weighed in clinic etc). It's especially important for the anesthesiologist. They must have patients in your situation so surely you'd think they have a better system than simply just kicking you back to the GP? I hope it goes well and they are supportive.


Thank you for your reply.

I was given the referral for an operation through my fertility clinic, so I am hoping that is this isn't fertility treatment as such and more of a gyno thing they will take that into consideration.

Plan B....to lose weight in two days....ummm..



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