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Beyond Frustrated. Need advice ?


After revisiting the Drs yesterday, they have decided to put the bleeding : randomly, during sex and pain after sex down the the Depo shot ( despite me having this problem while on the pill, which they have told me to go back onto despite it giving me ulcers ). The pain is still here 24/7 pretty much, and after bleeding last week the pain was significantly worse after and sharper during the time bleeding.

Had blood tests done that came back all clear for diseases such as Crohns, Celiac etc. Because ever since the random vaginal bleeding started I have had stomach pain and bad constipation to the point in which laxatives aren't working and all they have done is given me more laxatives and aren't willing to do anything to actually find out whats wrong. I don't want / know if endo has a part in it anymore, I was just happy to have an answer as its been four months of feeling absolutely awful... I have changed my diet to try and eat as healthy as possible when I can eat but nothing has changed. So now they have just said ' theres some sort of bowel problem' I am 21, I really shouldn't be having so much trouble trying to go to the toilet as I am I feel like I'm 90.

So if anyone has any advice or similar problem please can you help ?! I'm a uni student, who quit the well paying part time job I had because of being unwell and I am not from the worlds richest family so can't afford to go private even for a consultation :(

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Hi Hun. Sorry to hear you've had such a hard time. I'm currently going through a very similar thing. I'm 21 also a student, have had to take plenty time of work and studies due to the pain and find myself constantly chasing doctors down for a diagnosis. I am very certain I have endo

Like yourself I have been on every type of laxative you could name but never had a proper diagnosis. To this day I haven't been to the loo in 16 days and have been in and out of a&e these past two weeks. I have just managed to get an urgent referral to a colorectal consulatant for next Monday.

I suggest you really push your GP. Have you already been diagnosed with endo? x

there is light at the end of the tunnel, it is all about finding the right doctor. Don;t just go to the doctor you are designated to, I have visited all the docs in my surgery for various different things, to get a feel for them and chosen a particular one to go to about specific pains in my bowel while passing stools, as it is an unbareable shooting pain so I knew she was a sympathetic doctor. This is a tactic I took after a doctor laughed at me for complaining about having pain during sex and made out that it was a first world problem. Never had I felt so humiliated in my life, I cried loads after that appointment. Once you can get a judge of character from the doctors, it was easy to select the right one.

she referred me straight away to gynecology and it all went from there. I am currently waiting to hear when my next operation is going to be as they found alot of endo on the surface of my bowel. I am not entirely sure just how much endo I have as when he told me I was pretty out of it.

I also get severe pelvic pain which I find manageable if I keep moving every so often and don't stay in the same position for too long. If you guys have any further questions feel free to ask xx

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