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Need to rant!!


I need just to rant to someone who understands. I'm so sick of bleeding during sex, of sex being so painful that I end up in tears.

I'm supposed to be trying for a baby, how am I supposed to when sex is agony!

I'm contemplating going for adoption and having form of contraception instead. I don't know how much more of trying for a baby, being in pain etc I can take.

Luckily I have an amazing partner but I just feel that it's not fair on him, he's you get than me and shouldn't have to put up with all this.

I'm struggling right now, this condition seems to be destroying every part of my life. I'm fed up of crying!

Sorry for such a miserable rant, just need to get it all out of my system somewhere!

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Hi ya, think I know how u feel . While trting sex was always painful.. I'd get stabbing pains all through my pelvis areas. I even bled to the point it looked like a bloody scene but often didn't know (night). My gaeny found a cyst on my ovary.. Which explains the stabbing pain. This is going to sound grose.. But it was like the tip of penis was hitting the cyst and mkn me paralyzed. I have my lap in a few days so unsure if I have endo. Naww it really sux aye the emotions and everything. I use to cry as soon as I saw the blood. My partner is understanding thank goodness. We try different positions when im in pain. Dryness also plays a part in the vaginal pain I'd get as well actually. Hope things start getting better for you x

JadeG in reply to zeezeeba

Yep sounds exactly the same! I feel like I'm always crying right now!

Ahh good luck with your lap, I had mine in November and have been diagnosed with stage 3-4.

Thankyou xx

It's ok to just cry and let it all out sometimes, you need it! I'm glad you have an understanding partner, that must make a world of difference for you , he must love you so much to support you through this.

Are you going for a 2nd surgery for excision? Are you any pain killers?

Have you tried all different positions to try get a good angle? Might look silly but it could help!

I hope you conceive soon, all the best! Xx

JadeG in reply to MeganMae

Yeah I really couldn't do all this without him.

I really wanted the excision surgery but I need to lose 3 stone plus to have a healthy bmi before they will do anymore surgery or put me forward for Ivf etc.

Thankyou xx

We are TTC our 2nd baby and I'm struggling to have as much sex as we would like. Sex for me can be uncomfortable if I'm not really into it but I can deal with that, but for 1-2 days afterwards I can be in real pain that requires painkillers, this makes it very difficult to have sex enough times over ovulation. I feel very grateful that I don't get bleeding or anything, that must be awful, you poor thing! I realise this is going to sound seriously unsexy, but if sex is to painful have you considered artificially inseminating yourself with your husband's sperm when you know you are ovulating? If it's any comfort, I was symptom free whilst pregnant & breastfeeding - so the end goal could give you a much needed break from the symptoms & then you could have a coil or something fitted to help you? I totally applaud your thoughts regarding adoption, but there are other ways to have your own baby that don't involve enduring lots of agonising sex. Good luck.

Oh and look into sperm friendly lubricants like pre-seed & Yes! Baby... they made SUCH a difference for us!

JadeG in reply to katybee

I completely understand that!

I'm the same a couple if days after I'm in pain still.

I'm actually debating it, my gynae has said to have as much sex between day 7 and 21. It shouldn't be something I have to worry about, but it does worry me having to have sex that much!

But I know I need to get pregnant soon as I really don't want to have to go through Ivf etc.

I'll definitely look into those lubricants as well Thankyou.

How long have you been ttc?

I've been off the pill 18 months now x

katybee in reply to JadeG

Well I had my son in Aug 2013 and didn't get my periods back for 14months (yay!) thanks to breastfeeding. My son also doesn't sleep much so I wasn't ready to start trying again until about 9 months ago. We conceived our son very quickly so didn't have to worry about the painful sex issue last time. Ideally you need to limit sex to your most fertile days - do you use OPKs? I found them so helpful.

That sounds like heaven! Definitely breastfeeding!

I don't at the moment, I don't want to frighten my partner anymore than he already is at the moment!

The idea of having a child scares him, but he wants to try with my endo being so bad. Don't know how many chances we will get!

Going to try for a couple of more months then if nothing will try them.

I'm hoping I am ovulating although my periods are a little bit irregular x

I definitely recommend investing in some cheap ovulation predictor strips then, they are only a couple of quid on Amazon.. Start doing a couple a day from about a week after your period starts and then you can time you sex for the day you get a positive and a couple of days after. With irregular periods they really are s must, or you could be missing the egg constantly & having sex at all the wrong times. Once you get a positive it means an egg is released 12-36 hours after, so sex in this window is essential!

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