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No better after lap

Well it's been two months since my lap where endo was found and removed with diathermy. However, I'm still having lots of pain and still get a huge swollen abdomen. Has anyone else had the same experience? I almost feel like the lap was pointless as I just feel the same as before :( I suppose the only benefit is that at least now I know it's endo!

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Unfortunately diathermy is just burning and often treats the surface only. Once done it can't be known if there is any active endo remaining beneath and is often it is incomplete. Where was the endo?


I also had a laparoscopy two months ago and both periods since have been just as painful as before. Fun times......

I'm telling myself things are still settling down inside and hoping it'll be better next month. Fingers crossed.


I found the same experience too. It was 11 months ago since I had my lap and things never improved really. I had abrasions and Endo was diagnosed, but unsure if that removed it altogether. It would be good to see if any other treatment could be done, I'm seeing my consultant today about having another lap over Christmas.


KEndo16 - if you had a lap 11 months ago and it didn't improve anything then it seems clear it wasn't treated properly so if you have the same surgeon you are likely to be in the same situation but with yet more scar tissue. I should look for someone more specialised.

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I had a lap in April, and I have to say, the first 3/4 periods were worse than they were before I had the lap. I think this is due to have foreign bodies in our body and prodding our body parts etc. I hope you feel better soon


I would recommend seeing an excision specialist. I had three surgeries with laser/diathermy and the relief was so short term. It needs to be excised by the right person.


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