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Mirena coil, should I persist?

hi there,

this is my first post and I could really use some advice. I was diagnosed with Endo and ashermans this year, they fitted the coil- at first (2 months) it was great, I didn't realise how much pain I was in until the pain was gone, but I just don't stop bleeding.

Then I started to feel down, and getting a bit of pain- so my doctor put me on the mini pill, and I finally stopped bleeding. It was a trial for 3 month, as so as I came off I bleed for 3 weeks and feel rubbish again (the feeling rubbish could be low iron to be fair). My doctor wasn't full of advice and asked what I wanted, suggested it could take a yr for the coil to settle (it's been 7 month). I'm scared of having it out as it's helped with migraines, and symptoms have eased- should I just take the mini pill too? Help

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Mine settled down after 3 to 4 months. First few months were awful, and like you I was bleeding constantly and felt very down and drained. And I got the flu, and just felt awful.

You've had it in for a while now, if you can maybe give it a little longer and see what happens. Unless ithe is causing pain and you can't cope with that.

But regarding the pill, definitely ask your doctor. I took the Yasmin contraceptive pill for one month (and I had the coil). This was because I was going on holiday and didn't want to have a period. And while you're asking about the pill, ask for a blood test to see if you are lacking iron or b12 etc.


It really is such an individual thing, I don't think I'll be much help but here's my story. I had the coil in in 2011 when i was diagnosed with endo, bled almost constantly but did ease the pain. I went back and forward to my GP who was reluctant to take it out and eventually gave me a three month prescription for the combined bill to regulate my cycle. After three months it was regular and i decided it was time to have the coil out. I moved house and changed doctors surgery shortly after and after looking through my medical history my new GP refused to give me the combined pill and i was changed to cerazette. I had a year of no periods, and no pain then i got an ovarian cyst which caused a lot of pain prior to being diagnosed and finally removed. Since then cerazette began getting less effective, I had more bleeding, more pain. Two weeks ago I had another Lap and another coil fitted as my gyane said i needed to come off the progesterone only pill, can't take combine pill so not many choices. She sterilised me during the lap with clips on my tubes so that i dont need to worry about contraception if the coil causes me probs again this time around. i intend to stick it out for 12 months! So far very little bleeding, but obviously a big change in hormones, but oh my the pain! Cramping so badly! It could be a long 12 months. Good luck with whatever you decide.


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