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New to this but need advice

Hello I was 22 when I was admitted to hospital twice with unknown and unexplainable pelvic pain at the end of last year I underwent keyhole and they found small amount of endermetriosis in 3 places however since then haven't had much explained to me and I am in chronic pain and discomfort and it goes for days on end then I have good days I struggle at work and home and become very emotional and tired with it all I had the coil fitted last year to help manage the periods and pain but not working and it's making my life very low and run down , I don't know how to cope any advice How to manage or what to do when I am in a bad way 

Many thanks

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Hi - I'm so sorry you are suffering. We really need to know where they found endo so can you obtain a copy of the report sent from the hospital - you can get it from your GP. There will be a small charge but not a lot. Also can you describe your pain symptoms whether or not you might associate them with endo. 


The endo was in three places behind the cervix and 2 in the pelvic area outside the womb and the pain is a dull and uncomfortable pain it also makes the tops of my legs numb and achy I'm aleave very tired and bleed often on random points the pain can get to the point of unbearable:(


The endo behind the cervix is in the pouch of douglas and deeper endo is very often missed there. Have a look at my post on endo on the uterosacral ligaments. Where in the UK are you?


South East England and okay I will have a look now 


Hello that sounds very similar to my story. I became such a regular at my go the receptionist knows me by name. I suggest that you go bug your gp until you get a gyne referral. If they've already found endo then they should be helping manage it. Also look for lindle on here. Her posts are great and it might be you need to see a specialist. Iv found this site to be amazing for support. Hope you start feeling a bit better soon and go bug your gp


Thank you so much and yeah I am due back at gynaecology soon just so draining can't keep up with it all and the coil is useless for me at the moment 

It's nice to talk to people who understand what I am going through 

Many thanks x



Firstly I want to say that it's brave you've came to this community.

It's hard to ask for help sometimes.

endometriosis is a disease that most times is invisible. I've had many surgeries close together.

Are you on pain control drugs? 

I have the implant that helps with my endometriosis but only a small amount.

I'm on real heavy drugs and I still feel pain just now. But it does get better.

You need to ask your doctor to see a pain specialist.

You need to see your surgeon again to discuss it never helped.

Endometriosis is such a hard disease to manage at the start. You are not alone. 

Many woman are dealing exactly with what you are.

You have to be strong when you see doctors. Don't leave until they help you.

Be strong knowing it will get better. 

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Thank you so much I am under the pain clinic and now back at gynaecology and nope I am not on any pain relief :( every day is hard 


Its awful but you should be on pain relief. 


If I have problems I now just demand my GP refers me as they're useless with endo. Not that this always helps but at least the consultant knows what the symptoms are. Agree that you should ask about pain relief.


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