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16 days post Lap and worried about coming on!


Hey Lovely ladies 👋🏻

I am super worried about how I'm doing after my Lap. It was my first and boy, I did not expect THAT. They found and got rid of some endometriosis, fitted the mirena and it was basically an awful awful 2 weeks until I had to go back to work... I've had 3 really shaky days back and I'm now in a great pain, like cramps, bloating like no tomorrow and I'm fevery and nauseous....and then went to the loo and I'm spotting... JUST WHAT I NEED!

Can anyone tell me what to expect from the first period after a Lap and if what I've been feeling is in anyway normal? I'm so sick of feeling sick and I've been taken by surprise just how bad I've felt since my Lap. All my doctors pitched it like I'd been feeling totally fine after a few days!!! Any advice or insight would be much much appreciated!

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Sorry to hear you're not feeling too good. I'm three weeks post lap & only returned to work on Monday and also had a few shaky days! I still haven't had a period and this is what I'm worried about the most, I have got the implant so I'm not even sure when/if I will bleed. Sorry I haven't got any advice to help, guess it's back to taking the meds and hot water bottles for now :( x

Hi I had my lap 5 weeks and should have started my period around two weeks ago but never did.im usually on time each month.i have had sporadic spotting but nothing more,it's a shame as I still had my period symptoms like bloating,diarheoa and aches and pains.i wasn't expecting the symptoms as I thought after my lap they would all diassapear.My consultant told me it will take up to 3 months for my cycle to regulate so I'm pinning my hopes on that.Like you i was worried about my first period as so many people said it would be more painful.everyones different so don't worry too much about it.Itll take time for the healinh inside.

Hi. Sorry you're still not feeling well. I don't think you can expect a 'normal' period after having Mirena fitted. Everyone is different, and in my experience it is different even in the same person! I had a Mirena fitted in 2011 during my first lap, not much pain but i bled heavily non-stop for 6 weeks then almost every day spotting for 11 months until I finally insisted on it being taken out. After much persuasion by the doc I agreed to try it again, it was inserted 9th Nov during my 3rd Lap. I woke up in agonising pain my uterus cramping like it was trying to get rid of what was in there, so much so i ended up admitted to the ward for two days! But apart from a really small amount of bleeding for the first 2-3 days I've had nothing so far, but the pain was and still is intense at times! I have to listen to my own advice here, all i can say is stick with it and it may or not work for you there really isn't a normal unfortunately for both of us! And if you decide to get it out prepare to fight your corner in my experience docs are reluctant to remove it before a year. Good luck, and i hope you feel better soon.

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