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Exhausted from the pain

I haven't posted on here in a while, because I've just been getting on with my symptoms. But they're progressively getting worse. So I thought I'd come online to have a rant and get it all out.

Some background info. I will be going to a specialist centre for a lap after I have moved house. The moving date is in January. So for now, I just have to manage the symptoms until then.

I started college again in September, and it's been very difficult. I fall behind with classroom work, and then have to work extra hard when I am in. Because I'm always off ill with my pains. And my family have noticed that my pains are getting more frequent, and higher on the pain scale. Last night, I was in agony. I would say my pain scale was a 9, and I always refrain from saying numbers as high as 9. I was crying and screaming. And I got stuck on the floor because I couldn't move. My dad was rushing round getting painkillers. I'm just so sick of it. Since I was 15, the symptoms have progressed to now where I'm 20. I'm now at the point where I can't describe my pains anymore, because they have every combination they could have. Stabbing pain, dull pain, sharp pain, continuous pain, short pains. Pains that last mere seconds, to pains that last hours. Pains that threaten all day. Pain in my lower tummy, upper tummy, left side, right side, chest, back, ribs. Last night, it hurt to breathe, because it felt like my ribs were being crushed. I'm just so sick of it. If endo was a human, I would tell it in no uncertain terms where to go.

Thanks for reading my rant.

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Can we exchange a rant for a rant? :)

Totally understand where you are coming from with the screaming, withering around on the floor pain.. I often feel I am close to death (although I admit I can be a little dramatic). Seriously though, I have fainted from going into shock more than once. When I told my GP this do you know what he said? "Its just bad period pain".


I now have left sided hip pain that shoots right down my leg. Out of hours Dr tells me its basically likely to be endo and to get on with it. SUPER HELPFUL.

Never had a Lap, I survive purely on Naproxen. Luckily I don't miss much work as if I spend and extra hour laid on the bed while my drugs kick in I can usually head off in a semi-coma.

You aren't alone.

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Oh that's so bad. I've never fainted before. Doctors can be infuriating at times.

That's good that you don't miss much work. I'm off college today. I was in too much pain to go in. And now I just feel groggy and sick.


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