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Hey all, so I'm struggling with my weight here. I'm now strictly gluten free due to endo, and although it seems like I eat a lot, I'm underweight for my height and age (19, 167cm and about 48kg). I'm really struggling with how to remain 'healthy' as my fiance tells me I'm very light and I often feel weak. I'm on vitamins, but I just don't want to eat more and gain unhealthy weight, and I work out with weights often, but I just don't feel like this is enough. Sorry, bit of an info dump there, but any advice would be appreciated! xx

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I'm also underweight and have never been able to gain weight anywhere but in my hips and breasts. I heard it has to do with the hormone production from endometriosis and that endometriosis actually has an effect on BMI from the liver.

My weight goes to my face and stomach, but it's hard to tell the difference between that and bloat. Idk I'm just finding it really hard to get a balance, though doctors don't seem to think it's an issue, though I have 0 energy and am very unfit

Have you been tested for anemia?

Nope, haven't been tested for anything in a long while and my next appointment is in March because it's the only time I'm free! I was told that I was skinny but the nurse said nothing to worry about, though she also said I can feel everything in my bowels through my stomach!

It may not be the weight side of things, I felt like that when I was anaemic. I am slightly shorter than you and about 45/46kg and now that the anaemia is being properly treated (massive tablets from dr) I feel much better. I have been taking the iron tablets for the last 2 years and that seems to have finally stabilised my iron and I have more energy and don't feel so 'weak'.

Yeah I'm feeling better since taking wellwoman, it's just hard to find gluten free things to eat on a budget and I've had stomach bugs and other illnesses for weeks. Hopefully now I've started eating properly again I should be back on track x

Hey don't worry about being underweight cos I've been underweight all my life. Although now I suffer from IBS which causes more weight loss but if I stick to foods that I can eat I'll be ok.... just be lucky that you can't put on weight easily unlike others that ate finding it hard to lose weight....

I weigh about 6,40 super light. just the way that I'm born and I can't force myself to eat only when I get hungry altho at the minute I'm feeling sick so I'm not sure what the cause of that is. if I still feel like this then will go back to Dr's and see what they say.

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