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Weight issues

Hi ladies, so since my last post ive had 4 injections and have my full hysterectomy planned for 8th March. I have to be honest I'm absolutely crapping myself about it. I was told by the surgeon I have to lose 2 stone in 6 six weeks (only 3 left) ive managed to lose 11 lb but by eating practically nothing. I had been on a weight loss mission before I was diagnosed with severe endo and the weight just would not go what ever I did. I'm wondering if anyone has struggled with their weight ? And after the hysterectomy? I know it's a trivial matter but after a life with weight issues I worry this will get harder after the op! I worry about the hrt I worry about the recovery as my bowel is fused to my ovary and concerned they will damage it and i will bed up needing a bag.

Sorry for the rant im just starting to realise how real this all is!

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Poor you that is a really unrealistic target as they recommend only two ponds a week! Have you tried cutting out wheat. I do slimming world and have found since cutting out wheat and using gluten free replacements I have lost weight better. All you can do is your best x x good luck sweetie x x

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Thanks Nikki I haven't touched wheat in months but still no luck. Just going to have to stay hungry ! X


Sorry I'm no help x x keep plodding on x x a loss is a loss xx


It is certainly not a trivial matter!!!!! It's so important for your overall physical and mental wellbeing, the healthier you are going into surgery the better the outcome and recovery will be.

Can I just congratulate you on your amazing achievement, 11lbs in 3 weeks!!!!!! Wow you are amazing, that's a huge loss in such a short time and no one can tell you different, I suspect the surgeon exaggerated the amount of weight he asked you to lose in the hope you will give it your best shot and you certainly have, 2 stone in 6 weeks is completely unrealistic never mind unhealthy!!

I am sorry I can't give you any advice re weight gain after surgery as I still haven't had mine, I did however find it a struggle to keep my weight stable after Prostap injections or so I tought, it appears I have a huge solid cyst on my left ovary which weighs quite a bit and has made my stomach badly distended, I hope once I have the surgery I will be back to normal.

Well done you, you are an inspiration to us all, managing to stick to a diet and losing so much weight when things are hard enough as it is!!!!

L xx


Thanks so much for you kind words :) xx

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11lb in 3 weeks is amazing! You should be so proud of yourself. Very shocked at what your doctor is asking of you. That is ridiculous and very unhealthy. Starving yourself has probably been good at shrinking your Stomach so you will find you are not as hungry as much as before but it won't be long until your ill, fainting, low blood pressure which will stop the surgery anyway. Not worth it.

Spend the next 3 weeks eating veg, fish and white meat and stay away from everything you haven't made from scratch (it's full of hidden sugar - read the labels) And walk as much as you can. Be really stricked with yourself. Keep telling yourself I can fit in 2 min. Walk on the spot when cooking/brushing teeth, walk round the shop twice, touch the floor ten times before picking something up. All sounds very little but consistency will make it work. And do not step on the scales. It's a sad step! Wait until your Dr does it in 3 weeks. If your doing your best, there is no need to keep checking the results.

Lots of water, cold, hot, with fruit.

And as much sleep as possible, your more likely to loose weight of you sleep more than 8 hours (so many experts say)

By the sounds of it, you have got great determination and you are a fighter. Well done!!!

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