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Period pain seems worse :(

Hi ladies! Hope you are all ok.

I had a lap three weeks ago where they found endo and I had a coil fitted. Today I have woken up with really bad period pain. I don't remember it being this painful before. I'm not bleeding yet but I'll expect to later on. Is this normal? I have a doctors appointment tomorrow for a follow up so I can always check if it's still hurting then however, just wanted your experiences with periods after a lap. Thank you! xx

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Hey hun,

Mine was exactly the same, first bleed on the mirena is horrid, be prepared with some painkillers and hot water bottle, I ended up on morphine but I was also told my endo was growing back too so my endo symptoms have never really gone away.

I hope you're okay xx


Hi I know how you feel Sunshine. I also had mine 2 weeks ago. They did not find any endo but put the coil in. I have been in agony for days and only had a very small amount of spotting. I'm also not due on yet. Please let me know if you get any advise, and I hope this message finds you in improved health.


Sorry you are in pain aswell 😞 I went to the doctors yesterday as they had my full report and I told her about the pain. She examined me and said it looks as though I have an infection and put me on antibiotics and took a swab to be sent off. I also have pain killers to start if needed if the antibiotics do not work. Hope you are ok! X


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