No periods but pain

I'm having lots of pain on my right side. A constant tugging pain and pressure on my right abdomen and lower back. I've been taking cerelle minipill and it has stopped my periods but I'm still having pain everyday. It seems to get worse as the day goes on. I still haven't been diagnosed with a diagnostic lap so I'm just still wondering if it is endometriosis when it doesn't feel like period pain. I had an ultrasound back in March which was clear.

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  • Ultrasounds with endo tend to be clear.

    I'm still in pain and I've been on the mini pill for 5 months, the 1st month was down but then I was in a lot of pain after that got worse each day.

  • Hi Hannah, it's strange isn't it? I would have thought that stopping periods would have helped but the pelvic pain can be just as debilitating.

  • I agree I used to be able to go out, but not I'm in bed or at home all day. Last month I could play guitar but now I can't b/c of pain.

    See the gynae and say your in pain even if they say they won't do a lap until you've been on for 3 months. Say it's disabling hopefully they'll understand.

  • I've been back to my doctor today and asked them to refer me again. She said she will but she doesn't think it will work. Then she gave me a prescription for laxatives and an antidepressant! It's so frustrating isn't it! I hope you get some help soon, you're too young to be suffering this much. Xx

  • Oh I totally understand antidepressants! My neurologist put me on some and my pain went up and I got super mad, the gyno I saw on Monday mentioned them and I glared and siad "They made me angry".

    It isn't in our heads and if we're upset it's b/c we're in pain with no answers.

  • This is the is exact pain i'm currently having (mines more left side) and gets worse as the day goes on and bloating too. It can be sign of endo but it could also be a number of other things hormones included, are they sending you for a lap?

    I've had a lap and coil fitted so I am unsure if my pain is endo or coil/hormone related however, I feel for you!

  • Yes I have bloating too that seems to come with it. I'm having trouble getting a referral for a lap. My gp referred me and the gynae refused to see me until I'd done 3 months of Mirena. I've already been on the mini pill for 4 months. I'd like to think that it was the minipill/Mirena getting rid of the endometriosis that is causing the pain but I'm not sure it is.

  • I had this and it was due to a cyst on my ovary. I had a lap to have it removed along with some Endo. I'm still waiting for the coil to settle but I noticed a big improvement when I had my lap

  • It does feel like there may be a cyst but the ultrasound I had back in march was clear for my ovaries. Hence why they don't want to do a lap because there is no evidence of anything. It's so frustrating to be in this much pain without a diagnosis.

  • My cyst didn't show up on a normal scan but during an internal scan at my first gynea appointment it was clear to see. It was such a relief ! It was six 6cms too . Hope you get some answers soon x

  • I have that tugging pain and it is stronger on right it is sharpest in the pelvis hollow if you get where I mean and funds in a line to the centre below my belly button where I get worst bloating. no idea of cause yet. Consultant mentioned guarding by pelvic floor muscles. I have seen pelvic physiotherapy mentioned by some as something to investigate. May be one avenue to explore. no contraception at the moment and like you waiting on lap. X

  • Thank you I'll look into that. X

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