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Stretch marks worst after lap

Hey everyone

So I had stretch marks before I had my laparoscopy on 02/11/2016 but they seem to OF gotten worse since, I understand with the gas this is probably expected but the bloating has gone down and the stretch marks are more visible deeper and worse than they were before.

Bio oil just wasn't helping before lap and don't want to put any on until stitches have dissolved and healed just as I don't want anything to get in them.

Has this happened to anyone before and do you have any tips on how to make them fade / disappear for good before I rip my skin off?!?

They're my biggest problem when it comes to self esteem and confidence and I really hate them and the fact they've got worse just makes me even more upset, I'm just under 10 stone which I know I need to lose some weight (as I'm 5"1) but at the moment can't do any intensive workouts due to recovery , before I would always be clean eating and working out and I just can't shift weight easily, and PCOS doesn't help with that.. does any women on here have any suggestions on how to lose weight and make the stretch marks go? Would be much appreciated

Thanks, NJG xx

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Here's a few moisturizers:



You could purchase a costizone cream which removes layers of skin. It may be hard to find one over the counter but vagisl sells some.

Unfortunately there isn't anyway to remove them but moisturizing and exfoliating. Only exfoliate twice a week as it can irritate skin. Also this scrub is amazing for shaving

I use:

1/2 cup sea salt (or 1/2 cup sugar)

1/2 cup Epsom salts (or 1/2 cup sugar)

1/2 cup baking soda

1 cup whipped coconut oil (or just coconut oil)

10-15 drops essential oil (or less depending on which one) I like lavender and peppermint, cedarwood and rose smells sensual: aromatherapy.com/most_popul...

Dried flowers such as roses.

Just mix and put in a mason jar and it'll last for a long time if you don't touch it with water. Water will make it mould. However salt can also help prolonge it (I haven't tried sugar)


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