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Total Hyst, best HRT??

Hi, I had hyst 2 years ago and gynae put me on Estrogel. After a while I found it very messy and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and thought hormones might be making me worse. GP put me back on Livial.

I have horrible side effects so keep stopping and starting it and my general health is far worse. My GP seems clueless about HRT and I have just read that Livial stimulates progesterone and testosterone. I have bad bloating and big black hairs growing out of my chin!

I am gong to ask for a new transdermal HRT and wondered if anyone has tried patches??


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Hi have you tried tablet form of hrt apart from the livial.

I'm on Elleste solo which has helped so much. You can start with a really low dose and increase if you need to until you find what is right for you.


hi, yes did try that one and it didn't agree with me, thanks for the reply though!


Hi. I'm now on tablets kliovance that finally work for me. They were prescribed by menopause clinic - there are a few around the country but you need to see if one near you as GP's generally don't know about them and then you can be referred.

As to Patches, I was on evorel Conti and it worked for me but I just didn't like patches and I found them annoying so much prefer the tablet. I've not been on it long enough to know if has any adverse affects on endo!! I had hyster and BSO in Feb 2015


Hi. I'm interested in this as having hysterectomy two weeks today. Due to family history of osteoporosis it's essential I take hrt. I too have fibro which they believe was triggered by the trauma of my last op, which was much longer than planned.



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