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Hi Everyone,

i have been back and forth to the doctors for over 2 years with endo symptoms but only 3 months ago was confirmed that my ovaries had attached to my womb (both of my nanas had hysterectomies with endo so surprised it took them so long to take me seriously).

Anyway i have just had my first prostap injection today and am really worried about the side effects - how quickly does it take to kick in? and what have you all suffered with the most?

also i have been told to have this for 3 months, if it helps then they will do the laparoscopy to see if they can detach my ovary and if not i need to be referred elsewhere - what has been the situation with everyone else once they stop the injection?

I'm only 18 and all this talk of stopping my ovaries is really worrying me!

Thank you xxxx

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Hi Madison98,

First of all I would like to say how sorry I am to hear that ur so young yet having to face these dilemmas.

Im so glad u joined this forum. The people here are very understanding n empathetic towards ur needs n very supportive.

I had prostap injection few years back following my 2nd lap. It was also a 3 month course. It was the most difficult 3 month I endured! I became a psychotic zombie n suffered the craziest side effects such as migraines, insomnia, fatigue, nausea, manic depression, hot flushes, restlessness, anxiety, mood swings, body aches, flu like symptoms! (These are just some of which I remember) My marriage of ten years came to an end n I was very suicidal! (attempted few times)

There was nothing the docs could do but prescribe me other meds to combat the side effects, put me on strong antidepressants n referred me to a psychotherapist for counselling.

I had to ride this hell out! I was in desperate help n at my mercy!

To my delight, 3 months was over n this nightmare came to an end!

I went back to see my consultant n she agreed we have to try something else. After discussing my options I decided to opt for the mirena coil as I didn't want my ovary taken out n had plans for a family in the future. The mirena along with other painkillers helped me cope with the pain for a while. After a year or two I could feel the pain started getting worse again n I got re-referred to gynae.

Currently, I am on a waiting list waiting for my 3rd lap. They recommend that if I would like a family this will be a good time to try after my lap. I am not ready for a baby but I feel the pressure from my consultant as shes worried that this is the 3rd lap im having and I've also had an emergency caesarean in the past. The other option for me is to have an hestroctomy n start hormone treatments if I decide not to have a baby. I feel very stressed n feel like everyone else is controlling n making decisions for my life! In other words I feel trapped!

All I can say for now is that I feel for u, yet understand the dilemma ur facing. I wish u the best of luck with ur treatment as treatments vary in variation n not everyone has the same effects. We are all different, some more sensitive than others. Its how we was created n made.

Pls do not get put off or frightened by my experience as my intention was to share n empathise with u.

U might be fortunate n have an lucky escape. The prostap may work wonders for u. (I hope it does 🙏)

Keep us updated hun.

Lots of hugs ur way🤗.....


Hiya! Thank you for your reply, i am not put off by your experience as i wanted to be aware of what i might have to go though and try to prepare myself and family at least lol

I know how you feel about the decisions being made for you as everytime i go to the gynae he tells me i have to try one more thing - i guess we have to just try and trust everything they are telling us !

i bet it is horrible being told a time frame in which to have a baby as you might not be ready but i guess that is just one of the problems with having endo :( i'm sure you will know what is best for you so you have to trust that, and remember that everything happens for a reason i am sure it'll all work out :)

Thank you for sharing your experience with me, i will let you know how i get on - only a day in and so far so good but i am waiting for it to hit me lol.

thanks a lot xoxox


Hi Madison, I too have been offered Prostap. Mine is a 6 month course. I had a lap and endo was burnt away but neither that, a change to my pill or the Mirena helped. I started Prostap last month. I was told by my consultant that it can take up to 2 months to kick in. A month in the pain is receding slowly. I am getting hot flushes, restlessness and fatigue and am currently weighing up if the side effects are worth it especially as i have been so down at work, but I have been in pain for years. My mum today has suggested a few non-hrt things to help relieve the side-effects. It took the doctors years to decide I finally had endo. If I was diagnosed in my teens it would have made my life easier. I'm so glad that they've finally diagnosed your pain. Like you I have a family history of endo so why they didn't consider it earlier I don't know. Good luck x


Hi, thanks for your reply :) it seems most people struggle to decide whether the side affects outweigh the pain and i guess that depends on how bad each one is. i hope for you it makes your life easier in some sort of way. i think there are lots of natural remedies so perhaps somewhere like holland and barrett could help with counteracting the side affects :)

thanks for your kind thoughts, good luck to you :) x

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