Possible endo mass post hysterectomy

Hi, I've had abdominal pain since late 2013. I had partial robotic hyst in early 2013. Pain is about 3 cm over to right and 3cm below my belly button. The pain is a sharp burning sensation that is intermittent. It can last for a week or 3 weeks. Some bloating but no other symptoms. I finally had ct and MRI that showed 2 cm mass between psoas and bowel. Suspected endo. No sign of endo during hyst. Talked to surgeon today. She wants me to try depo provera for 3 months before considering laparoscopy. She said that surgery could turn into bowel resection and I might could make it to menopause on the depo provera considering that I'm 47. I'm desperate because nothing touches this pain, not iboprofen, not Aleve, not even opioids. What would you do?

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  • If you are in the UK are you being treated at a BSGE centre?

  • No. i hope I don't get kicked off for being in CA!

  • Hi. Not sure how it works in the states but you're welcome to chat here if it helps. Did they take your ovaries when you had your hyster? I'm guessing not so try the injection as it stops ovaries working basically but that does mean you're likely to have menopause symptoms so may need HRT to help. If you see no improvement in pain in a month I'd go back and insist on lap. Do make sure they are endo specialist though. At least in U.K. We know to go to BSGE centre to make sure endo specialist.

  • Thanks. Yes, I still have ovaries. Dr was saying she would give shot 3 months to work. I was hoping for a shorter timeline. I already know that lupron gives me wicked side effects, so I won't be taking that option.

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