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Hi there everyone. Well this is my first post on here. I have recently had two internal scans and the sonographer has said I have endometriosis. However, I understand the only true way is to have a laparoscopy. It does explain the years of pain, red hot poker feeling whilst sitting and general flooding, vomiting etc over the past 10 years, but I suppose like a lot of women just got on with it. I also have a 10 year old daughter who underwent a liver transplant as a baby, so I have tended to be in hospital with her and put myself on the back burner.

Just wanted to know if any of you have had acupuncture? I had it whilst trying to conceive and fell pregnant after four years of trying and then 6 months of acupuncture. Any obvious dietary tips from anyone? Supplements? Many thanks everyone

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Endo can be definitively diagnosed by an ultrasound - it depends on what type of endo and the skill of the sonographer. Ovarian endo (endometriomas or chocolate cysts) show on US and a skilled operator can often detect many other manifestations through transvaginal US. So you do now have a definitive diagnosis but a lap will add to it as some lesions can't be picked up. You also need a detailed manual pelvic scan to feel for any deep nodules that are not visible at a lap. The 'poker' sensations may suggest this.

Alternative therapies can help some women but it us likely to depend on the severity of the endo as to whether they are effective. It is always best though to know what you are dealing with and if you are in England you should consider referral to a specialist centre for full investigations.


Many thanks for this! I have joined your facebook group

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Hi kirsteycarpet, just wondered if you went ahead with acupuncture and what effect it had if any. It’s something that’s been recommended to me, so I’m eager to hear what others who’ve had it specifically for endo pain think... thanks.


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