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Body aches and extreme fatigue post hysterectomy and excision

In the past 12 months I've had a 2 hour excision of severe recto vaginal endo followed 7 months later by hysterectomy for adenomyosis. Whilst my deep pain and bloating has gone my body aches and fatigue are extremely debilitating. A 10 minute walk and I'm dizzy with the aches in my legs and back. I suffer chronic fatigue, I believe triggered by my endo ( undiagnosed for at least 5 years). Does anyone have any suggestions to improve my mobility / energy. Had a couple of courses of acupuncture. That helps me relax. Anxiety an issue post menopause, anxiety of the being in a constant state of panic type

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When was your hysterectomy? X


Early Sept 2015


Are you on HRT? X


Hi, I had a hysterectomy for adeno in July, and in March excision of endo, im still feeling poorly extremely shattered all the time and in pain, most days some worse than others,

I wasn't seen by a specialist at a BSGE centre and I believe he has left endo behind, I'm now under a BSGE centre and am due to see them on Friday after having MRI in Jan,

So my question is, was you seen at a BSGE centre, ??



Has anyone had treatment for endometriosis in altnagelvin hospital Derry and could you tell me is it a BSGE centre. Ready to tear my hair out at this stage. Ardcairn


I was and kept right ovary, which had some endo on, feel some pain from that but minimal. This feels different - menopausal body aches and exhaustion. Not so much pain as intense aches all over.

Read great advice from Dr J Dulemba elsewhere that says there are a myriad of reasons why we can still be in pain post excision - nerve damage, adhesions, phantom pain, etc, etc. He's a top excision surgeon and he's saying once you've gone often undiagnosed for 5/10+ years it's not a straightforward cut and cure - my words!

Let me know how the results of the MRI go, it's like you want them to find something they can sort! Where are you being treated? I was seen by Mr Pickersgill in Cheadle, Manchester.

I've been on .25mg estradiol HRT patches for 2 weeks. Gynae said give 2 months. How about you, are you taking HRT? I can't see any improvement yet - I'm so impatient!


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