Swollen Lymph Nodes

I was wondering if there's a connection between swollen lymph nodes and endometriosis? I've had swollen lymph nodes before and they was up for quite a while, but lately my pain has been pretty constant and yesterday it got pretty bad I could barely move and it's not much different today, the lymph node in my groin has been up a few weeks but now there's one under my armpit too. Does anyone else ever have this? And know if it is related to endo? xx

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  • Definitely get the one under your armpit checked out, endometriosis increases the risk of all reproductive cancers.

    Endometriosis normally leaves the spleen alone but if it effected it it would cause lymph nodes to become inflamed.

    I used to get cold sores every period so I believe in the pelvis it may be an autoimmune symptom of endo but the one in your armpit needs to be checked.

  • I'll definitely speak to my doctor, the armpit one is what's baffled me most, thank you x

  • Hi

    I get this too, every month. I have has it checked and all seems ok. I would say definitely get it checked but it could just be another random symptom?

  • I'll get it checked by a doctor today, I did wonder if it's another random symptom especially in the groin

  • Do your breast swell? Only ask cos I get swollen lymph nodes at the same time. Doctor said it could be hormones?

    I also get them in my neck, having a scan of that tomorrow,

    Let me know how you get on X

  • Not that I've noticed they don't.

    My doctor didn't seem to know and didn't give me any answers so I'm none the wiser, I do find it strange they're up at the times I'm at my worst with endo x

  • So he was happy nothing was going on? Endo is such a strange disease!!

  • Pretty much, laughed at me when I said is it just down to endo!

  • Yes. My glands always swell when endo is bad or periods. Gynae told me it's due to endo and immune system. Hope this helps

  • That's good to hear, thank you

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