Swollen abdomen :-(

does anyone else have a swollen abdomen constantly ? it doesnt matter what time of day it is and it doesnt matter what ive eaten or drank and it doesnt matter if its the time of the month either....my stomach is constantly bloated and uncomfortable and i look like im expecting ! does anyone else suffer from this and if so, is there anything that helps?

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  • Hi there I don't suffer with this all the time now but It was a symptom when I was taking progesterone? Are you on any medication?

  • i refuse to take any medication due to all the side effects, in my personal opinion, doctors do not know everything and i have lost faith in their ability to help me cope with my endo

  • I had a phase like this, caused by cysts. Have you had a scan? It might be worth checking to see if there's anything in there causing the bloating.

  • im always having scans done, normal abdo scans and internal (transvag) ones, ive undergone surgery twice to have cysts removed but they keep coming back ! do you know why the cysts cause the bloating ?

  • I suffered years and years of bloating and it turns out that it is from the bowel, i have severe endo and it affects my bowels too, i now have to make sure that i go to the loo daily and never get constipated, my belly is almost flat again now that i keep my bowels in check. It is worth a try, good luck,

  • i am really interested in your response, as my bowels do not work ! i only empty my bowels about twice per week and the docs answer is laxatives but im terrified that my bowel will forget to work on its own if i rely on the laxatives all the time, did you or do you know anyone who has had a camera put into their bowel to investigate whats going on? is there anything you use to assist your bowel movements?

  • me too and its impossible to wear anything tight fitting as my belly sticks out :-(

  • You're not alone! I suffer terribley with bloating, and as you say; it doesn correlate to food or drink. It doesnt even correlate to my pain that much, as I can get really bloated and it doesnt necessarily mean I am in lots of pain. Anybody who I didnt know must look at me and think i'm pregnant. It goes perfectly round like a baby's in there. It's horrible. It's just a symptom of Endo as far as I am aware, from what I have read and what I have been told. It's just another one of the annoyances we've got to live with! I heard Castor Oil can help....

  • castor oil ? how do u take that and how much ? and what is it actually supposed to do ?

  • wow, thanks for the link, just had a quick look and it looks really interesting, im off now to read more......thank you :-)

  • when i have stomach bloated and it means that i am eating the wrong food and sometimes with period pains... i have endo on my bowel and womb and so it is the bowel if you are intolerance to food... sometimes people cannot eat wheat and that irritate the bowel and stomach bloated... i am intolerance to dairy products so since i cut down that and my stomach been fine...

  • Im glad to read all of this, im constantly bloated and recently in two different doctors they and the nursing team have made comments.

    Thanks for sharing the link justmichelle ... i'll take a look later

  • i get bloating too, havent had a scan yet, waiting on that date. Totally know how you feel about tight clothes though! xx

  • I used to get horribly bloated too, if felt like 2 weeks a month I was a clothes size bigger and ESP coming up to my period I would get huge and I would find it hard to wear tight clothes.

    I also used to be constipated (going 2-3x a week only) and I suffer chronic endo in my bowel.

    I have done two natural, things to help this

    1) Daily tea made of golden linseeds - this is a natural lubricant for the bowel and it also hydrates body so all over very good for you. 2 tablespoons boiled in 1 litre of water. bring to boil. leave stand for 12 hours. then boil again for 1 hour with no lid and it will reduce. then sieve the liquid from the seeds and keep this in fridge in air tight container. make tea from it by taking about 1 inch in a cup and stir. I drink 3 cups of this tea daily and now I have daily bowel moves and I have less bloating and everyone thinks I've lost loads of weight but it's the lack of bloating they are noticing.

    2) I do castor oil packing of my abdomen 3 x. week for 1 hour at a time. do not do this the week your period starts.that is a week you avoid it.

    3) I have removed dairy , wheat and processed sugar from my diet. it's common for women with endo to be wheat intolerant and this causes bloating.

    Hope this helps!

  • I do!! It just keeps getting bigger and bigger; I definitely look like I'm pregnant

  • I have the same issue. I'm on a gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian diet, I go to the loo at least once or twice a day and still my stomach is huge. I even do castor oil packing 3 times a week. Does anyone else have this issue? I just need to know if anyone got this issue solved. I'm desperate for a solution.

  • I'm with you Lilee, I'm vegetarian eat gluten and wheat free and no dairy, make sure I go to the loo regularly as I got fed up with Dr's just telling me I'm constipated, and yet I still bloat up huge. Anyone have any ideas?

  • I have the exact same problem, people some times ask me if I'm pregnant. Most people think it funny that I bloat so big, it gets me down. Lately it just seems to be getting bigger too no matter what I eat. If anyone has any good suggestions on how to help this I would be very grateful! x

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