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Hello Girls... I am having my second op to Friday next week, only a week away. They are going to cut away all the endos from my bowel and everywhere else. They r also going to put a Mirena coil in. Any advise on preparing for this and any advice of how to make recovery easy?

Also what is girls experience like with a Mirena coil?

Finally, has anyone gone through surgery alone? From the moment u leave to go to hospital till after u have recovered? I need some tips on how to get through.

All the best to everyone out there with this horrible disease.

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Hi hun good luck for Friday. Iv never had a lap so couldn't advise you on that. Iv had a c section and it took me ages to recover I couldn't walk for three days and when my pain killers were late I was in agony. So I would say rest up keep on top of pain relief.

As for the Merina I had that a few years ago for my awful periods I didn't respond to getting it put in well I nearly passed out and was sick all over the place I was in pain for a week. It did eventually slow down my periods but when I bled it was awful I didn't really get on with it. I stuck at it for a year and half then got it removed. You'll be sleep for it though so you should be fine. Hope it helps too.

Good luck for Friday x


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