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50 years old and perimenopause!

Hi, I am 50 and going through horrendous periods, I am a aneamic and have been on cetrezette for three months and periods are even worse! I find on the worst days unable to leave the house. I have docs tomorrow and am thinking of going with her advice for mirena coil. Has anyone had the mirena for perimenopause? I just want my periods to be late gutter or stop altogether! I can put up with sweats and other symptoms.... any advice? Thanx

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Hello there I'm 51 and like you had really heavy periods they eased the past 4 months though. I tried mirena but didn't get on with it (eye migraines, feeling low) and got rid of it after 3 months. My friend (same age) is really getting on with it.

My gynaecologist suggested Novasure (endometrial ablation) which I was quite keen on but as I had terrible endo pains the month before surgery he did a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy and removed a fibroid which they think was causing the heavy periods. That was only 10 days ago but had a period a couple of days after the surgery and it was the most normal I've had for a few years and 4 days long

Are you on iron tablets? I am as also anaemic (6). I was worried about constipation but I'm eating lots of fiber and also taking some spirulina which helps.

Do you have any fibroids? Ask for a scan if you don't know.


Thank you for your reply. I do take iron tablets due to heavy bleeding and they do make me a little constipated but that outweighs the lack of energy and tiredness of being aneamic. Like you my friend who is same age is getting on really well on mirena. I am worried as I also take antidepressants... sorry to hear you didn't get on with it. I have had a scan and an internal I think if was for fibroids. I'm going to docs tomorrow and will check with her. I think I might give mirena a go...


Hello (it's me Gouedic... I seem to have registered myself with 2 different names...)

I think it is worth you giving it a try. Heavy periods are a nightmare and I can't wait for mine to stop altogether too. Let us know how you get on at the docs tomorrow.

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I will do. Thanks x


Hi Karene2309 I take Spatone sachets instead of iron supplements as they are better absorbed and you don't get constipation.

You can but they in Boots. I take 2 a day if my iron levels are low and 1 a day for maintenance.

All the best in finding the right treatment.


Thank you. I'll give them a go. :)


Hi i had mirena and top up mini pill when i was 51best decision I ever made. Why not give it a try.

Good luck xx


Thank you for your reply. I am thinking of giving it a go. I have a holiday booked for august and it would really ruin it if I had a heavy bleed. Xx


I had similar to you in my early 50s, when they made me stop taking the pill. The pill had kept my mild endo at bay for much of my life, but when I stopped ... things were terrible!

I had a lap and much endo removed, but it was dreadful again after about a year. However, a mirena was fitted and after a few months of settling down (still not as bad as the previous pain) it was bliss for me, for nearly 6 years.

I'd try it, easy to remove if it doesn't work - and I have not had kids. NB I admit, though, that I had it inserted under anaesthetic, as the Consultant felt my cervix was too small, and as my uterus was tilted that was found to have been necessary. However, my GP took it out, no problems, last year.


I think I will give it a go. I feel I should at least give it a go. It's just you read such horror stories! At least I can have it removed again.. xx


Hi Everyone is different so you have nothing to loose. Good luck xx


Thank you x


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