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Why wasn't mine treated?

Hello ladies, me again. As I've been reading other posts, something sprung into my head.

I had my diagnostic lap 2 weeks ago and was diagnosed with moderate to severe endometriosis. I have an appointment on the 22nd December to discuss further surgery.

However I've read that other woman had stage 3/4 endo and it was treated on their diagnostic laparoscopy, so my question is why wasn't mine?

Thanks in advance.

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There's a possibility that you have a frozen pelvis and it was too dangerous for them to treat and they were inexperienced so they didn't remove it out of fear of screwing it up.

Plus sometimes their not allowed to treat certain cases b/c it's against the guideline. In the U.K. Stage 4 that's very severe need to be treated in BSGE from my understanding.

Can you go to a speacilsit?

If your in the U.K. There are BSGE centres and in other places (I'm in Canada) you just need to look around for an "Endo speacilsit"

However it shouldn't take till December for you to discuss surgery! Can you push for an apt?


I had two operations for treating endometriosis. I think it is quite common so don't worry about it. But make sure you are treated in a BSGE centre.


I would imagine it is because the doctor that did your diagnostic laparoscopy did not feel confident in treating it. When I had my first lap I was diagnosed with severe extensive endometriosis but it was not treated at all. I was referred onto a more specialised surgeon for further surgery to treat it. x


Thank you for your responses. I believe that the hospital I was seen at is a BSGE centre so I'm slightly confused as to hy they didn't treat it if they are specialists in this department. Maybe it was due to timescales?

The surgeon did say that my right ovary and fallopian tube are attached to my uterus xx


I think it might've been maybe they want to ask you first since when removing an adhered ovary can make egg count go lower so they probably want to ask if they can proceed.

Plus on top of that they might just take out the Fallopian tube and ovary so they might want to know which route or treatment you want to go with.


Hi if it was booked in as a diagnostic lap then they wouldn't do anything for reasons such as 1- they need your permission to do so and you need to be made aware of any risks involved, 2- time, they would have only had allowed enough time for diagnosis. It could also be because they may want a bowel bladder surgeon present if needed.

Hope this helps.


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