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Post-Op Pain Management

I had my first laparoscopy yesterday and although my diagnosis isn't "official" until my follow up appointment in November from the pictures I have and what was told to my mother it was indeed endo they excised from my abdomen. My gyno told my mom they had to do "quite a bit of scraping" and today I'm really feeling it. I avoid narcotic painkillers like the plague and although I've been taking my vicodin when I need it, I was wondering if any of you all had other methods of pain management that will allow me to wean off the narcs faster. Any and all suggestions appreciated, thanks! 😊

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I found narcotics upset my stomach but until the pain eases try to keep up with pain management. Then switch over to what you're use to. Each individual is so different on what helps and what doesn't. I found myself to be quite sore for about a week. However each day the pain eased up a bit!

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Heat pad and hot water bottle help me. I also take naproxen 500mg with paracetamol 1000mg if is really bad.

Hope you feel better soon

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