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Marina fitted and I am in agony

Ok ladies here it is. I am undiagnosed and under general gynaecologist. I had first appointment a month ago and he wanted me

To go back for a marina coil. He said it was the treatment for endo and although he thinks I have it he thinks I am

Not bad enough for a lap. I am 34 have two children and at 10.30 this morning had this thing fitted. It was horrendous and hurt terribly. I had instant back ache and cramping and started to bleed. (Considering this happens with intercourse too I guessed it would be similar) I am now in agony. I cried in the car coming home. I have taken cocodomal and neurofen and the pain has not eased at all! I also have a heat pack round my tummy and back. I feel sick and have done since having it fitted. I experiencing cramping, back ache but also shooting pains in my right side, a terrible dragging sensation. Down below. Is this all normal?? I am

Seriously starting to feel quite freaked out. X

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Hi I've not had the coil but have heard it can take a good few months to settle in. Personally I think you need to push for a lap as at the moment you don't even know if you have endo or not. Having a lap is the only way to confirm it, and for your own peace of mind you need to know.

I'm sure others on here can advise more on the coil, but I hope it settles quickly for you.

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It might be a good idea to get your blood checked for infection just b/c if you have ever had Pelvic Inflammatory disease or an infection it might explain the pain and nausea.

Did the gyn do any swabs before putting it in? If you had an infection like Bacteria Vaginosis which is related to a Ph and Bacterial over growth (isn't an sti) that could easily go through your cervix since it was dilated and move up to your uterus, tubes and ovaries.

Not to mention people with endo are prone to infection b/c our immune system is too busy fighting the endo. (According to one of the doctors I saw)

I've had it happen before and it was really painful and I was really sick, with chills, migraines, a fever, and cold sweats. The pain felt like ripping all over.

Do you have chills? Or a fever?


I have felt cold today, but not had the chills or a fever. The cramps have settled a little but I still have terriblenpain in one side radiating out to my hip and up my side. Gynae took no swabs or

Anything like that at all. If I still have the shooting pains tomorrow I going to see my GP if I can. It seems weird the way the overall pain is less but the shoooting pains are so intense. I can't really explain how it feels! I feel less sick now too. Maybe just a big wimp and the shock of it all! Xx


I had chills for about 4 days before the ever developed, try to keep checking.

There is a possibility that it's shock, if something hurts really bad you can get shaky and have chills b/c of it.

I think it's due to your cervix being inflamed, try putting an ice pack at your low back where you might get a 'ball' in back feeling. It might help it to calm down.


This happened to me but I didn't know I had endo then I left mine for three weeks it was agony. I went to my practice nurse to have it removed best thing I did. You shouldn't feel in agony with it at all. Once I had it removed I felt fine the pain eased. Hope you get sorted.


Ive had 2, they are horrendous to be fitted & bleeding pain after is normal but it did settle for me. If in doubt go back for checks at Drs.

On the plus side I had 10 yrs of great Mirena experience, so hope it settles for you.



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