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Endo pain or post op pain?

Hey. I had a lap 4 weeks ago to have endo removed. Had a lap 2 years ago where they found minimal endo yet I have a lot of pain. When they went in 4 weeks ago they found scarring and adhesions, a nodule on my right ovarie, my bowel was stuck to my pelvic wall and there was endo around my pelvis / bowel. I thought id be feeling better by now but the pain Is still bad and im starting to become a bit down/fed up. It gets a bit tiresome when people ask if I'm ok to keep saying actually no I'm not doing so well, so I end up just saying yeah I'm fine thanks and then they expect you to actually be fine. Was the surgery unsuccessful or is it just post op pain?

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Hiya....you poor thing, you had a lot done in the surgery and I would defo say it was post op pain, if your really worried my advice would be to go to your doctor and get checked over and peace of mind.....have had a lot of surgeries myself and sometimes it can take up to 6months to recover.....endo takes a lot out of each and every one of us, both physically and mentally and the best thing you can do is to take each day as it comes and pick some-one you can talk to and trust and turn to them......Hope you feel better soon x


Thanks for your reply. My gp are beyond rubbish. They just make me feel like I'm making a fuss. I'm on a lot of painkillers which do help but on a bad day like today it's not really enough. It does take a lot out of you though. I hope you're doing well after your surgeries xx


Thanks, am having an 8hour surgery within the next 3weeks and just want to get it over it, it never ends, I recently changed my doctor who I was going to for 19years as he was crap as well and found a great doctor, she's so kind and supportive which makes a huge difference, maybe think about changing doctors..... if you ever want to chat you can pm me any-time, I also get very depressed as do a lot of other women on here, its like you can't win, pain before surgery and pain afterwards, its very draining....look after yourself xx


Do you have a follow up with your gynae?

I was the same as you in February, only 50% better after my endo excision and adhesion removal, like you say its awkward keep saying to people you are not ok when people think you should be. I have just had another lap on the 11th July where I had to have my ovary and tube removed as it was stuck solid with adhesions and some areas behind my womb cut out, that were not there in February.

When do you see your gynae again? What I did was keep a diary for pain (you can download some app period trackers) so I could keep better track of it and took it to my appointment which was useful.

Adhesions can form within 5 days of surgery. Is it the same pain you had before or different? That should help you asses if its post op or usual pain.

Good luck and big hugs x


Thanks for replying :)

I'm not due to see my consultant again until the end of October! I know it sounds stupid but I'm struggling to tell if it's the same pain as before or not. Some days I think it is and other days I think it's just post op pain. I guess it could be a mixture of both? I am thinking about moving doctors. Im on quite a lot of pain relief (naproxen, tramadol and paracetamol) and until a couple of weeks ago I had mirphine patches too. My problem is im starting a new job in September and I'm not allowed to be on any opiate based drugs. I'm really concerned that I'm either not going to be allowed to do the course or I'm going to have to try and survive without pain killers. I'm going to ask my gp if they can change my meds I just hope they say yes! X


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