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Not so simple cyst (newbie)

So after waking up in agony and a trip A&E I was diagnosed with a simple 7cm cyst on one of my ovaries following an MRI looking for kidney stones. I had a laparoscopy to remove the cyst, turns out it was not so simple after all. Whilst I was still away with the fairies the consultant came to show me photos of my insides telling me I had endometriosis and the cyst was a chocolate cyst and couldn't be removed so instead it was drained. He arranged an appointment for me to come back in two weeks to discuss further treatment and told me to bring someone with me 😧. So in the mean time I've turned to Dr Google so any advise on what this even means, what to expect or how I can get the most out of my next appointment that doesn't tell me it can grown in my eyeballs and I will cry tears of blood would be much apriciated🎗

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Hi! My endo journey began with an emergency trip to a&e and the discovery of two 7 cm endometriomas. I have subsequently found that I have severe endo. Unfortunately, endometriomas are indicative of fairly extensive endometriosis. Have a look at the endopaedia website, it's a fab resource.

Because of the likely extent of your endo, you need to find an endo specialist via the list on bsge.org.uk. They will be trained to operate on you. A general gynaecologist who only drains an endometrioma does not have the right skills to treat you. A good endo excision specialist can completely remove the cyst and there will be a very slim chance of it returning. One that has simply been drained will return, probably quite quickly. The same goes for the endometriosis itself.

Hopefully the consultant will refer you on to a bsge centre anyway, but if not then you need to ask. Do your research and find one first!!


Thankyou for your reply, iv just checked and the hospital I was treated at is a bsge centre so at least that's a start


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