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Endo in Pouch of Douglas - specialists?

Hi I had a laparoscopy a year ago now and they found endo on the pouch of douglas, UV fold and sacreal ligament and removed them. I'm now getting some pains again and have bowel related problems such as blood in stool and severe pain and bloating, does anyone know of any specialists in the Yorkshire area? I've heard theres one in Sheffield but not sure.

GP has referred me to have a colonoscopy but I think going to a specialist may help too?

Thanks xxx

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I think there is one in Wakefield, used to be one in Sheffield but not on the current BSGE list. Have a look on their website.

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If you were treated in general gynaecology and endo was 'removed' from the uterosacral ligament then the surgeon was working outside the NHS guidelines. There is a centre at Sheffield and one at Wakefield but you can go to any one you want in the country under NHS Choices. I have a Facebook support group where we can discuss feedback and a few members have been to Sheffield, if you would like to join:




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