Severe mood swings

I had a diagnostic laparoscopy for endo a few months ago now and ever since have had severe mood swings lasting about an hour each where I am weepy and deeply depressed and they don't happen too often but are really affecting my ability to study and generally go about my life. Has anyone else had this? If so if anyone has any ideas as to how to help relieve these mood swings, thank you.

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It may be hormone levels, endo often comes along with levels of high estrogen which can cause a lot of mood swings.

I would go to the doctor and discuss a progesterone birth control.

If you want to go the more natural root, try taking evening primrose tablets or drinking one cup of raspberry leaf tea a day with honey as a sweetner.

I am already on the progesterone pill but haven't heard the natural solutions, will definitely look into it thank you!

I'm 12 weeks after a lap and I've been feeling awful too. I had the mirena fitted too and thought maybe it was that? Been having period pain most days too

The natural can always add pure cacao (no sugar) to you is meant to help with moods. The evening primrose helps a lot with hormones, and to decrease estrogen tumeric helps. You can always try passion flower, or a DIM.

Get your thyroid checked hunny. That's what mine was.

Either that or your hormones are going weird ⭐️

You'll find in a lot of cases a lot of weomen have a thyroid condition they don't even know about.

I was always really nasty to the point it was ruining my relationships with everyone. Moodiness, Tiredness, depression, gain of weight or loss of and the multiple other effects it has on the body.

Have a google to understand it better. more importantly get it tested. If it's not treated in the longer run it can have serious consequences, better safe than sorry xx

Thank you! will definitely try with a different doctor, went to one this week who wanted to just put me on some anti depressants so looking for a different opinion.

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