Anger issues/mood swings?

Morning everyone, I know depression is a part of the endo but does anyone else get really bad mood swings/feelings of anger, this morning I got up as usuall to take my daughter to school, I was in pain but was feeling fine mentally, was laughing and joking with my daughter then I took her to school and when I got home was still feeling fine, but the minute my partner walked in the house I started snapping at him, and was feeling very angry at him, I was horrible to him but there was no reason for me to be like it and I don't know why I was, does anyone else go through anything like this?

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Hi Kayleigh88,

I get terrible mood swings when I'm on a hormone treatment - it doesnt matter what I'm on and the time span can vary but inevitably I end up rotten.

Most recently was this weekend. My partner and I moved in together the week before so everything should be hunky dory but Sunday afternoon I flipped over nothing and I've no idea where it came from. I completely lost it with him which I've never done before. When my red mist had cleared I went into our garden and sobbed. I didn't stop crying for almost three hours. I feel sad, low and well, just grey. A friend suggested that it may be the coil, I'd not thought of it as I'd had it fitted last November. Im looking into this idea so we shall see.

Are you on any hormone treatment which could be influencing your emotions? I've tried pills, prostap, depo, implant and they all have the same reaction.

I hope you can get to the bottom of this although sometimes it can be that we live for so long in pain without expressing it that it festers. Eventually we have to release it and usually this is how...

All the best, jodie xx

Hi Jodie thanks for your reply, I'm not on anything at the moment :( I don't want to go on hormone treatment as even though both my tubes are very badly damaged I keep praying I will manage to fall pregnant again naturally so at the moment I'm just trying to "cope" but these mood swings are becoming quite regular :(

I understand fully. I wish there was a magic way of getting rid of the turbulent moods, I'd send you some right now if there were!

Hi Kayleigh,

I have really bad mood swings, one minute i can be fine, the next I'm so angry at people and just snap. I was on different contraceptive pills, and have taken a 2 month break due to having a lap and recovering, but I'm finding I'm still really moody even without any hormones being taken.

I must say i think its pretty common... its horrible though!

Sorry i can't be of more help

Emma Xx

Thanks for the replies everyone, I just feel like I'm a right b***h!! I seam to be worse with my anger around my partner, but I don't know if that's just because he realises how much pain I'm in and doesn't judge me for it so I find it easier to let it out around him? I hide it from my family as they think I'm playing up the pain for attention!

Right before my period i always get the "Don't touch me, don't look at me days". I get mean. I know I get mean and I can't help it. It will last about 3 days. And my sister usually starts her period around the same time, and she gets lovey and wants to hang on you (you can imagine the screaming and yelling that went on). I have discovered that the right kind of birth control (for you) seems to work fairly well for this. Unfortunately it took me about 6 different kinds to find that right one.

Yes I do the "don't touch or look at me" which just makes him clinger!! I'm trying to avoid the birth control route as I'm hoping I get extremely luck and manage a natural conception, although once I've moved house during the summer holidays I will be starting the adoption applications so will probably give in then and go on something x

Yep I'm exactly the same ;) I'm absolutely fine then go from 0-60 over something

I'm sorry to soynd selfish but its so nice to read I'm not alone with the mood swings! Mine are also awful! I think people think I just use Endo as an excuse for a bad mood, but the moods just take over! I feel I have no control over them. I think we take it out on the people we love most my husband also seems to get the brunt of mine :-( xxx

If you google blackstrap molasses for pmd you will find lots of anecdotal evidence in its favour. I drink it in warm coconut milk and i don't know if it's coincidence but my usual week of I want to divorce my husband has almost vanished! I can really empathise x

Thankyou I will have a look into it :) unfortunately mine isn't just a week, it's 2-3, it seams to be from ovulation Untill the start of my next cycle :( I feel so sorry for him some days! Well once I've finished hating the sight of him!

It's so good to know I'm not the only one!!! I'm going to get him to read this thread later so that he knows his not alone in being abused aswell!! Is there a partners support group online cause it sounds like they all need one! Lol

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