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3 months of months prostap.. when will my periods come back?

Apologies in advance because I imagine that this question has been asked 101 times!

I just just wondering if anyone that had been on prostap could just write how long it took for there periods to come back, just so I could get a rough idea?

Also if they returned back to normal or was they better/worse?

Thank you

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Hi, Dont worry about asking, it's what the site is for. I guess, being that we and our cycles are all unique, that there are a variety of answers but for me personally I started my periods 4 months after I stopped prostap, I had a 'hormone hangover' which resulted in lots of mood swings headaches etc. The period came back exactly how I had it before although Ive been due on my second period for days and no sign so my cycle isn't the same it seems, I was 28 days and I'm now on 32. I also had breast changes from the surge of hormones which resulted in my gp telling me I might have breast cancer, luckily it was a benign breast condition called duct ectasia which is harmless, when I mentioned i had been on prostap he put it down to the hormones, I wasn't warned about that one. Ive felt at times like a teenager starting my periods again, like being reset and all over the place. I'm sure there are some positives though.... 😐 Nope sorry not for me.

lots of women report to have none of that drama though and I have a habit of being the 1 in the 1000 who have these things.

how long will you be on the prostap? Has it helped you? X


Thank you so much for replying! Gosh doesn't sound like you had a very good time. I have been to see my consultant and he said they should start right away if not within 3 months I need to go back to him. I'm hoping it kick starts mine back to a normal cycle but I haven't been normal for years so I know that's wishful thinking 😂.

I have been on it, I was on the monthly injections and stayed on them for 3 months with taking livial on top. I feel it might have helped but I am unsure I know not having a period has definitely helped however I'm now at a catch 22 situation... me and my partner want to start trying for a family but every thing that could help with the endo also stops you from conceiving.. Apart from surgery but that's not always 100% that it will help and there are always risks.

Sorry just having a rant about it, eveytime I go to see my consultant i still have the hope he's going to come up with a new magic cure.. or even just the right answers! So am always deflated when I leave haa xxx


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