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Finally had my lap

Hi ladies, I finally had my lap yesterday after nearly 20 years of suffering.I was kept in overnight and i can't thank the great staff who looked after me.I was on the nhs but seen at a private hospital in bham.NOthing was too much trouble and to be honest when your emotional and don't know the outcome of the lap you need people around you who care.I have to say even though my consultant is a reputable person who excels in his field I just felt Abit short changed in regards to the communication side of it all.I was just told I had endo removed from the pelvis and follow up in four months and that is it.At that time I was so groggy I just didn't question further.so ladies I know it's been said before and I read it many times make sure u have questions u want answering that are answered.i won't wait that long.BY the way I have had no shoulder pain from the gas yet which I was expecting.MY period pain has been so horrendous over the years that the pain after the lap has been nothing in comparison.Now I move onto my next journey of waiting to see if the pain will settle.i hope and pray it doe.THank you ladies for all the support and advice on this invaluable site.

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Hi leave it a couple of weeks then you should be able to get the report from your GP.

Rest up and take it easy.


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