The pain is back... already?

Hi all,

I'm just interested to hear your experiences...

I had my second lap on a Saturday (first found no endo) and endo was confirmed and my consultant removed this using diathermy. However, I'm now in a lot of pain which basically feels the same as my usual endo pain. I've read a lot about diathermy since the procedure and read that it's not overly successful. I'm wondering if the pain is all part of the healing process and is it normal or has the lap just not been completely successful? I'm wondering if there's still some endo left!

Thanks all!


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  • Hi it's still very early days. Saying that diathermy only removes the top layer and leaves the root of endo intact. If things don't improve I would suggest you get a referral to a BSGE centre where they will excise the endo. This actually cuts the disease out completely.

    Even after surgery and can take a few months to know whether it has worked as the brain is so used to being sent pain signals, it takes a while for this to stop.

    Hope things improve for you.

  • Part of the reason endo causes pain is because the tissue is trapped and so becomes inflamed. As you've just had surgery and diathermy, you've probably got the same result. Inflammation at the locations where diathermy was conducted I.e. where the endo was. It should settle down eventually.

    I recently had a lap and diathermy and found I had fairly bad pain in the areas where I believe I had endo for the first week. However this calmed down. I didn't even really experience pain in that area on my first period following it (although the period was quite awful with vomiting).

    If the pain continues though, you should probably see a doctor to check everything is ok but I think it's probably just healing. It will take more time for you to see whether the surgery has made a difference or not.

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