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Severe lower abdo pain

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I apologise now for the horrible details, so I have been diagnosed now for 3 years and this last week I have had severe lower abdo pain. It started last Tuesday when I also had loose stools and when I needed to go I needed to go (sorry) I put this down to maybe eating something dodgy. However it has continued and today got the point where I could barely walk the pain was so bad. I walked to the toilet and had explosive loose stools ( sorry again) the pain isn't going I can barely walk, barely function. It's not problems with going to the toilet however it feels like a pressure in my lower tummy but it's so intense st times I don't want to move.

Anyone had anything similar?

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Hi yeah by lap and on my left side womb and ovary. They did ablation

Is the pain central or to right side? Have you a fever? I was really bad with explosive diarrhoea and intense pain last month. I put it down to my endometriosis but it turned out I had appendicitis. Definitely worth a visit to your doctor if it is different and more severe than your normal pain. xx

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It's central, I have had my appendices out so I can rule that out. This pain is horrendous :(

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Hope it settles soon. xx

Go ask for an ultrasound. Pain like that was what finally got me to a doctor and they found the cysts. Two months later I had a full hysterectomy. I was first diagnosed 27 years ago.

Hope you find some relief.

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