Severe lower abdo pain

I apologise now for the horrible details, so I have been diagnosed now for 3 years and this last week I have had severe lower abdo pain. It started last Tuesday when I also had loose stools and when I needed to go I needed to go (sorry) I put this down to maybe eating something dodgy. However it has continued and today got the point where I could barely walk the pain was so bad. I walked to the toilet and had explosive loose stools ( sorry again) the pain isn't going I can barely walk, barely function. It's not problems with going to the toilet however it feels like a pressure in my lower tummy but it's so intense st times I don't want to move.

Anyone had anything similar?

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  • Hi - were you diagnosed by a lap and if so where did you have endo and how was it treated?

  • Hi yeah by lap and on my left side womb and ovary. They did ablation

  • Unfortunately ablation will have not removed your endo, just treated the surface. There is a great possibility that you have had endo missed in general gynaecology and your symptoms are suggestive of potential rectovaginal endo that must be treated in an endo centre. As you are in England you can choose where you go and a GP cannot deny you the right. I have a Facebook group now and have just put a detailed file on about rectovaiginal endo. If you wish to join we can guide you to the right treatment. x

  • Is the pain central or to right side? Have you a fever? I was really bad with explosive diarrhoea and intense pain last month. I put it down to my endometriosis but it turned out I had appendicitis. Definitely worth a visit to your doctor if it is different and more severe than your normal pain. xx

  • It's central, I have had my appendices out so I can rule that out. This pain is horrendous :(

  • Hope it settles soon. xx

  • Go ask for an ultrasound. Pain like that was what finally got me to a doctor and they found the cysts. Two months later I had a full hysterectomy. I was first diagnosed 27 years ago.

    Hope you find some relief.

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