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Hi i have been waiting for my first laparoscopy which will hopefully be in the next 5 weeks. I started with severe symptoms around 6 months months ago. Currently the pain is getting worse and I am really struggling to deal with it. I am taking the pill but the for the last week ive had persistent spotting which is showing no sign off stopping. The pain is getting worse and i am struggling with either being in agony or being out of it on strong pain killers. Emotionally i am finding it so hard to cope with. My fiance is being amazing but i know he is finding it tough too. I am struggling and dont know how to deal with how it has changed my life. I feel like my body has been switched and i dont know it anymore. Due to being out of it on painkillers i have already lost so called friends.


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Aww Wendy so sorry to hear what you are going through. It is very much a roller coaster ride,you will have day's where you are mentally and emotionally just worn out with it all. But you will just have to stay strong and take each day as it comes. I'm having something very similar to your self right now. I've been spotting with clots for a week and don't know what the hell my body is doing any more along with period type cramps too even though I'm on the pill. I really hope you get some answers when you have you're lap.

Good luck and stay strong. X

P's I've also lost friend's too. (Normal) people really do not understand what we have to go through on a daily basis and they never will unless it happens to them. 😕 X

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Thank you. Your right its definately an emotional rollercoaster andone of the hardest things i have had to deal with.

Its so nice to be able to speak to others that understand. Thank you so much for your kindness.

I guess it is now that i will see who my genuine friends are.

I hope you start to feel a bit better too. X

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You're very welcome. And yes you will most definitely see who your real friend's are. It is sometimes a very hard struggle and you may also feel alone as no one truly understands and can only sympathise with what you are going through.

On those day's you just have to be strong (easier said than done) I know 😔 as I'm still going through it myself and today is not a good day so I totally get where your coming from.

Keep your chin up and hopefully you will get answer's soon.

This site for me has been amazing, just knowing that your not alone and there is other's out there in the same situation helps. I also met a lovely lady on this forum who I talk to on a daily basis. This also has helped me a lot. We have a good Natter about our pain. And just support one another when we aren't too good. It really does help both of us. X

Hope this gives you a bit of reassurance that you are not alone in all of this.

I really hope you feel better soon. Xx Take care Wendy and if you need to talk just drop me a message.


Yes, it's so tough Wendy but the most important thing is to do all you can to ensure that the diagnostic lap is thorough. Have a look at my post on what should be done.


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