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Anyone suffer Leg pains? Pins and needles? Pseudocysts?

Hi, does anyone suffer pains and pins and needles type sensation in your legs with endo? I had a scan that showed some Pseudocysts and adhesions but I won't see the consultant until Dec to discuss!

Thanks X

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Yes. It was one of my many 'troublesome' symptoms that I used to have before I was filnally diagnosed with severe endometriosis . Had a total hysterectomy alleviate the pain. I had a horrible nine years of abject misery before the diagnosis was made. I was initially told most of my symptoms were due to stress and anxiety!! Especially the tingling and pins and needles in legs!!

Good luck with your consultation in December! 👍🏻


Yes! This was one of my many troublesome symptoms before being finally diagnosed with severe endometriosis. Had a total abdominal hysterectomy, as both ovaries were the size of oranges. This it seems, was due to the amount of chocolate cysts covering them .

I had nine years of abject misery with many painful symptoms. I was told most of these were due to chronic stress and anxiety, especially the pins and needles!! Took a private consultation to find out the real reason.

Good luck with your December consultation.👍🏻


Sorry for both replies. Didn't appear to have posted so did again to make sure🙆🏼 Oops!


Thanks for your reply, I thought it probably was to do with endo. Do you still have pain, pins and needles after hysterectomy? X


Hi Mel80. It's quite reassuring when someone has experienced symptoms that are the same/similar.

In reply to your other question, I had a total abdominal hysterectomy with removal of ovaries uterus and cervix. I was 39 at the time and was put on HRT patches straight away, more or less as a preventative to osteoporosis. My mum and sister had/have it. And strangely enough, after 18 years of being trouble free I have started to experience period type pains in lower back and pelvis, and numb feet, pains and tingling in back of leg and almost feel as if I was back to the days of when I had endo' I have even had spotting which was extremely disconcerting. Made appt with Dr and was told, it's because as we age, (joy) everything begins to lose moisture and she believes that's what's happening with me. I was prescribed HRT pessaries to help with this problem. I made the mistake of asking if it was possible for endo to return through extensive use of HRT ( I believe there are various theories on this one!) The look was enough to tell me I was being ridiculous! That said, I am not right and I am still pursuing the reason as to why this has started happening now. So, after my very long winded response....I can honestly say for the past 18 years I have had no pains of any description. It has only been recently, along with some other non-specific symptoms that I have started with these sensations in my feet and legs again.

Sorry to ramble. I am getting old and obviously shrivelling at an alarming rate!!! 😬

Once again, hope it helps! x

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Yes thank you! Hopefully your symptoms will settle down. That's reassuring that hysterectomy worked so well for you X

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You probably know that tingling , numbness pins and needles are caused by nerve pain.

The thing is with Endo, and why it's so frustrating is any woman can have every symptom or none at all.

Not only that but Endo changes as the years go by.

It can feel different

Look different

Act different

Need to find out if the nerve is getting damaged . Or are there certain movements to make it move .

I don't know if this will help but try getting a tennis ball , lay down on a sturdy surface and put the ball where the pain is.

Keep rolling it over the pain area if you can take it .

I've heard a lot of people have good luck with it .

And it won't hurt you if it does nothing

They have specific meds for nerve pain that work because nerve pain is so different than other pain

But pain is pain right ?

I was trying to remember if I had that or not but it's been so long .

Seems like I had every kind of pain known


Thanks for your reply. It's almost widespread so the dr thinks is anxiety with the condition. Is yours under control now? X


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