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Feeling lost and frustrated after seeing gynaecologist due to continuous pain after lap and excision at a specialist centre

Hey guys

I had my lap and excision of die in my uterosacral ligaments back in June and had a mirena coil fitted I've been in continuous pain since with the same pains pre surgery but worse especially when I'm on my period. My pelvic pain is much worse especially when walking and standing etc and lying down is difficult as I get stuck. This even happened when I had an internal examination which was also very painful and caused me to cry with the pain.

I have been given cerazette to take for three months and been told to let the coil settle in. I feel really defeated as I'm struggling with work and just general life tbh and feeling so depressed being in constant pain and lack of sleep.

I'm not allowed to go back until the new year so I'm hoping that the cerazette would help, especially as she said there's nothing that they can do as it's been removed and as I'm young they don't want to give me the injections for the early Menopause.

Has anyone got any advice or help on what I can do?

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Mirena is a locally applied form of progestin treatment. Did you discuss using a pill or injection instead? endometriosis.org/treatment...


I'll be taking the cerazette in conjunction with the coil. I can't take a combined pill due to migraine and vomiting. Only injection mentioned was to bring on an early Menopause


I feel like I wrote this.

I had my lap and the coil fitted in April and I've since been in more pain however I no longer have periods. I was also told that I needed to wait 3-6 months for the coil to start working (which it hasn't). I would suggest to go back to your GP and insist on being referred back (not sure if you went to a bsge clinic or not but from the advice I've read on here & other research thats the best option). I was also advised by someone on this site to write to your GP listing every symptom and the effects of your pain (work, social life etc).

Im still currently waiting to be referred so sorry i can't give more useful advise but I've had to be signed off work as the pain has gotten so bad. I wouldn't like to see someone potentially get worse just because they waited xx


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