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Endometriosis - low mood ? Alternative therapies

Hello everyone,

I'm 30yrs old and was diagnosed with endo when I was 18 (via a laparoscopy). I am very lucky and have a beautiful little girl (16 months). After her birth (emergency c section) my endo symptoms have been much worse. We're keen for a second baby but it's tricky trying to manage all the symptoms; pain, bleeding, bloating etc. My biggest concern is my mood. I would love to have more energy and enthusiasm but I'm totally drained and just keep crying. Has anyone found alternative lifestyles helpful? Yoga, diet etc?

Thanks so much. I don't normally use forums but I feel very lost and isolated at the moment.

Thankyou for your time,x

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Hi I don't have any advice on how to help but I just want to say your not alone. I was just about to post about how low I'm feeling I don't want to talk to anyone, lock myself in my room and get under the covers. I can't be bothered to do anything I don't even want to think! Unfortunately this is just another symptom and the annoying thing is as much as you try to tell yourself sort yourself it's just doesn't work x

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It's just so frustrating. I don't want to feel down but I can't shift it. Do you find anything helps? I'm sorry your feeling the same way 😔


I actually feel better when I'm around people, family and friends! As much as I want to be on my own I do find that when I'm on my own I sit down and feel worse because your thinking more and isolate yourself. But if I push myself to be around people then you kind of start coming out of that mood. Maybe see your friends because once your with them and talking about stuff your mind concentrates on other stuff. I don't tend to tell them how I'm feeling because then you just remind yourself about how your feeling. Also being around people I have to force myself to be alright, I don't allow myself to feel down I make myself talk and participate in conversation as much as I don't want. I hope this helps a bit x


After years of trying to find something to make me feel better and getting frustrated that nothing worked, I tasked myself the job of focusing on what makes me happy. Reading, exercising, watching silly movies or laughing with my partner or friends. Even on those days that I could literally curl into a wee ball and cry, I choose to fight it. This is exhausting in itself but I promise myself everyday I will not let this horrible disease beat me. The mental impact can often challenge the physical pain so I've took charge of what I can control and that is fighting back when I'm feeling sad or exhausted. Find things that make you happy and invest your time and feelings there. We are such strong women/girls that are faced with this awful disease and we should all fight back in our own way. This is the first post I have ever put on a forum but I am just overwhelmed by the support everyone gives each other and am so proud to be part of a community who reaches out to help each other x


Thankyou so much my lovely. Yes I agree the community is fantastic. It is a bit of a bugger of a disease! I agree with both of you about surrounding myself with friends and family. My first instinct is to hide but you need people when you feel like that.

I might set myself up with a mindfulness style diary and keep to that. Happy goals each day.

Thanks girls. I felt suffocatingly lonely today and you have helped to resolve that ☺

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Stay strong and find yourself a happy distraction. A mindfulness diary is a nice idea and will pull you on a positive track when you are feeling low.

I hope you feel better soon x

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Hi there,

Just wanted to reply to let you know that you are not alone. I'm sorry that I cannot be of more help but hopefully you will take some comfort from knowing that there are lots of others going through the same things and that we totally understand and get you!

I have found Angus castus tablets helpful in the past - I will copy the description from Amazon below for you:

Agnus Castus capsules are a traditional herbal medicinal product used to help relieve premenstrual symptoms such as: irritability; mood swings; breast tenderness; bloating and menstrual cramps based on traditional use only.

They are not a cure but did help to take the edge off.




So true...you are not alone! I've found exercise to be incredibly relieving...not only in mood symptoms but also the physical pain. I love to run but if that's not your thing, I've heard yoga is great for endo and mood issues. I find too that it's easy for my negative thoughts to spiral until I try and get outside of myself...volunteering, taking my dog to the park, sitting in the sun for a few, being with friends/family. I also take Omega 3 supplements and I hear this can improve mood as well. Most importantly, if you can find someone good to talk to(therapist) this has made all the difference for my depression/anxiety. I hope this helps! Xo


Diet can assist with bloating in particular cutting out dairy and gluten seems to help. Eating foods good for the liver is also beneficial as it has the job of dealing with excess hormones.

I've some notes of my research ti date here if of interest.


It may be time for a scan or lap though as adhesions can often be the cause of fatigue and little can be done except for surgery. I tried everything going for my CFS before excision. Nothing worked.


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