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was I right to push for a Lap instead of taking the pill?


So last week I had an appointment with the gyne consultant, She wanted to put my on the pill back to back to see if that changed my symptoms. I refused straight away as I was on both kinds of pill when I was younger and the hormones sent me crazy and I struggled to maintain a healthy wait (lost around 4 stone in almost a month) .

I pushed for a lap, which she tried to scare me off of. Now I feel like she thinks I am not taking the operation seriously. I am just desperate to have my life back.

What are your thoughts?

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I think you did the right thing to push for a lap.

A lap is the only way to officially diagnose endometriosis in my opinion (whether this is medically correct or not) the pill masks the symptoms!

Good luck


It's funny I have the same feeling but for the opposite way round. Don't want surgery but they want me to. It's your body. Only you know your pain. Do read up fully on what a lap entails then go with your gut instinct and do what is right for you.

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Hi :-)

Gynae done exactly the same thing to me yesterday. I had my first appointment and was told he wanted me on the pill back to back for 90 days. if I show no symptoms they will do a laproscopy.

I haven't been on the pill for over 7 years. When I was on the pill it sent my hormones crazy. The Dr didn't seem to bat an eyelid tho.

I'm all pretty new to this. Been experiencing symptoms for around a year now. The GP always used to fob me off until 4 months ago when they decided to refer me.

I just want answers :-(

Hope your laproscopy goes ok x

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Is it a normal thing for them to try you on the pill to begin with? After being told that they thought I may have endometriosis I done some research and haven't read anything on them putting you on the pill to begin with. All the people I've spoken to that have it got referred straight away for lap. Sorry got lots of questions 🙈


I have no idea!! They were very dubious to help me with anything - the first surgeon I saw referred to my symptoms as belly ache! The pill is supposed to balance the hormones and mask the symptoms! X


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