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Why is the pill a good treatment ?


My girlfriend had a cyst on an ovary last summer and they found Endometriosis in her abdominal area, not very severe but still there.

To treat this they made her switch off her mini pill which didn't give her periods to a different pill which made her have periods again.

To me it sounds counter productive to allow the cells to bleed into her abdomen every month :S I dont understand the logic and it has annoyed me ever since, now she has heavy painful periods again, spotting and cramp outside of the period, but the doctor seems to think this is fine.

I was wondering if anyone has answers to this ?

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The reason she probably has been put on the pill is because stopping your self from having a period is actually bad for the body. They told me to take my pill without my week free gap because of how painful and heavy my periods where. When I went back they told me that actually it was really bad for the body ad to take a maximum of two months without a gap and then bleed ten take another two months. The body needs to get rid of the old eggs and the lining that has built up which I know is a pain it sucks being a girl! To me it makes no sence either why should us girls who suffer with endometriosis be made to have a period every month when part of that lining may not leave the body and attach to organs inside of us. Maybe talk to other doctors about it? I've seen a lot of girls on here are being fitted with the coil as a treatment. I've never had this said to me but it may be something the doctor recommends also try and see a lady doctor sometimes they are more understanding because they actually know the pain periods can cause! Xx


Like Prencessm has said - and I've just found out - its bad for the body - I've been on the pill for 30 years with no period for the last 7 years - I can tell you, my consultant was shocked to say the least here in Singapore when I told him.

I think it would be a great idea if you get your girlfriend to make an appointment to see her gp with you going along with her.

Write all your questions down so you are prepared.

Also go through with the doctor what treatment options are available and ask them to give you information leaflets on all of them so you can look at them at home. Then you and your girlfriend can go through the pros and cons of each and which she "doesn't fancy" and come to a decision even if it is just "wait and watch" which is what I have chosen to do because it is right for me.

Get your girlfriend to look at trying the endo diet. I don't stick to it strictly but I've identified foods that my body doesn't like namely for me its carbs ie bread is a big no no /cut out caffeine, red meat, sugar, processed foods, stick to olive oil, oily fish, natural yoghurt (some also say coconut oil), seeds, veg, fruit ie hunter gather food.

Hope this helps

Stick in there - your doing GREAT :o)


Sadly having her period will do less damage than not. I have stage three endo and after 13 years of battling with the NHS they have agreed a hysterectomy is the best way to go for me.

There are other options for treatments available to her. I found being on the pill made my periods a whole lot worse (peculiar I know). I tried every possible combination and in my honest opinion the best option I found was a course of Tranaxemic Acid and Naproxen along with regular pain relief. The body needs a period but the pill may also be aggravating her.

I would definitely speak to a gp again with both of you present. Also look at her diet. You would be very surprised at what can make period pains worse! Best of luck to you both and I hope she gets some relief soon xx


I'm on the mini pill, progesterone only, I've never been told that's it's bad not to have periods. I've been on this years with only the occasional spotting. I'm post op 5 days due to urinary retention. When they did my lap they found the endo had shrunk due to being on the progesterone only pill. The first time in years my endo is finally shrinking! This is because there is no estrogen feeding the endo, with the pill it has estotgrn in which makes it grow. Like others have said I would go back to the GP and go through your options. Good luck


I am going through a similar situation. My gynecologist has suggested that I continue my pill for 3 months have a break then go again for three months. I am on month 2 and have had my periods twice already. Went to see my gp who has changed my pill - I was on rigevidon which he advised maybe had too high a dose of estrogen. He now has me on one with more progesterone along with mefanamic acid for the pain. Just be firm with them, and make sure you keep up the support alot of people don't understand the kind of pain endometriosis can cause. I've found camomile tea and a heat pack can ease the pain. Good luck to you both x


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