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My experiences on operations, prostap injection, and pre/post operative care

Hi ladies

I have had a diagnostic lap, prostap3 injection, then finally the main operation to excise all the endometriosis lesions. My thoughts on my experiences are:

Don't worry too much about the operation. The hanging around pre op is the worst bit. They give you patient controlled analgesic afterwards, so don't worry about post op pain.

I did not experience hardly any side effects from prostap injection. I believe it is 50/50 whether a woman will have menopause symptoms.

I had stents put in to help the ureter to heal up since June. It is ok most of the time. On occasions it is painfully but largely un noticeable.

I had bowel prep for the main op. It was not too bad at all. Stay near the bathroom, drink plenty of clear fluid, have baby wipes, and creams. I think have the first dose at 8 am then second one at 2pm is a good schedule. Then you can go to bed peacefully at 10pm.

I also have to go home with a catheter for two weeks. Although it is not very attractive 😒But largely hassle free.

Finally I feel much better now I had the surgery. Overall I would say my health/ quality of life has improved by about 10-15%.

Overall it has been a positive experience and worth it 🤗

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Thank you for sharing your experience.

I hope your recovery is a speedy one without too much pain.

Best wishes X

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